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How To Earn Money By Sharing Bike Stationless?

n Jinan, another "bike war" touch! However, this is sharing bike!

Just over 20 days, Mobike has "small orange car" implanted in Jinan mind, and in all parts of the battle with the pro-God "yellow car" in the economy has also found a trace. Next, there are two shared bike companies want to share the cup.

The public happily riding a car, companies can be happy to make money. But these colorful cars in the end ye make money? Is there a clear profit model? Whether it will reproduce the year of the taxi war situation?

The deposit in the dispute

"After the deposit, the deduction Why have additional billing?" In the interview, many people's concern is the deposit. To Matthew, for example, the deposit is 299 yuan per person. Public data show that during the Spring Festival, Jinan, there are more than 10 million people use the sunset cycling, a single deposit there are nearly 30 million yuan.

Ofo bicycle payment standard is 99 yuan, small Ming bike deposit of 199 yuan, Yibai bicycle deposit for 298 yuan. Most of the shared bicycles are required to pay the amount of deposit, there are some bicycles in the user to a certain credit points can be a deposit. Reporters survey found that although riding a bike can apply for a deposit, but most cyclists will not apply immediately, unless there is no plan to ride.

In this way, a large number of deposits to stay in the hands of a bicycle business. "Shared cycling just appeared, we think it is a bit disguised financing suspect." Shandong Long Austrian law firm lawyer Chen Zhaogang worried that if the bicycle business is not good, the deposit back does not come back how to do?

Bicycle enterprise deposit model is a person corresponding to a deposit, rather than a traditional lease of a corresponding deposit, which has broken through the traditional deposit security properties, and has improperly raised or possession of funds suspect. "In accordance with the head of the non-vehicle collection of 'deposit', has a certain 'slip to' illegal funding may be or risk." Chen Zhaokang analysis.

There is a person in charge of the carriage of bicycles, said the deposit is deposited in the separate bank account set up by the motorbike, handed over to the third party, and the company's operating funds are separated. "The public 's concern about the deposit is normal, but there is no evidence that the cyclist will take this part of the money to do it," said Wang Chenxi, senior analyst at Analysys Internet.

Unclear pattern

But these huge amount of the deposit flow is indeed a mystery, and the mystery of the deposit was a lot of people as a profit point. "Of course, is to rely on a deposit to make money, and how a car has to correspond to five or six individuals, this number is not small." Reporters interviewed many people, the first reaction to the shared bicycle is simply to make money by deposit.

In fact, sharing the bike player seems to be in no hurry for profit. "We are not doing it right now, but I want to say it has a chance." Ofo said the rental costs are still the main source of income, "said Wang Xiaofeng, CEO of the mobike.

There are some predictable profit points, body advertising, brand promotion, bike community and so on. And Wang Xiaofeng has bluntly, "if the abruptly put on both the profit model, such as advertising, paste the body, pull the sponsor of these may be the future of this model destroyed.

In theory, sharing a bicycle does have a huge pay value and advertising value, is the potential for future profitability. "But the greater potential value is to collect a large number of users travel data, and then deep-based data mining and creation, with data connection life services, entertainment services." Wang Chenxi analysis.

According to her, the current sharing of bicycle companies is not yet found the richest and most stable diversified profit model, not without profitability, such as ofo has been profitable in the local area, "for these enterprises is not a problem of profit" The Attract the gambling of capital

Whether the profit or not, the influx of capital has made sharing of bicycles become a phenomenon level exists. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016 there are more than 30 companies to enter this area, Mobike and ofo be the lead big brother, there are white, small blue, small Ming, ride it, fast rabbit travel and many other brothers. As of February this year, the motorcycles have entered the 15 cities, ofo covered 33 major cities, the total number of domestic shared bicycles reached millions.

Obviously, sharing the bike has become the next drop, excellent step after another case was favorable to the host: since 2016, the worship and the ofo have completed a number of rounds of financing, the total financing of the cost of about 400 million US dollars, investors Including the high collar capital, Sequoia China, Warburg Pincus, TPG, happy capital, Tencent, Foxconn, etc .; and in the latest round of financing, ofo also accumulated financing of about 200 million US dollars, investors include hunting capital, Jinshajiang venture , Real money fund, drop travel and so on.

As early as October last year, Wang Chenxi predicted the sharing of cycling capital competition will continue, she believes that "the capital of the shared bike boost role is good news industry, the short term may also have capital or business into the Council, which moved with the year The capital race is somewhat similar. "

It is noteworthy that, as a drop of multi-round investment Tencent, at the moment but with the drop sub-station two teams: Tencent to Mobike's investment of tens of millions of dollars, and drops to the current largest rival Providing tens of millions of dollars in financing.

All along, the capital market has started in the blue ocean, died in the Red Sea is not broken rules. The faster the financing, the more worries that exist in the industry. Some analysts said that when the "burn" to become a business model of the Internet era, but no clear profit point, the entrepreneurial company's business will become a zero game, to attract capital "gambling." As much as possible to attract investors, to find a profit model to survive before, became the entrepreneurial model of the nature of capital games.

Copy a taxi war?

Sharing the field of cycling fierce competition, from the attitude of investors can also be seen. As early as last September, the king of the capital side of the Jinshajiang venture capital partner Zhu Xiaohu propaganda: "carpool, on behalf of driving, car are within 90 days to end the fighting, sharing the bike is no exception!" And another bicycle to share the brand Maobai investors panda Capital partner Mao Shengbo responded: "during the year ifo more than Mobike, Panda partners will be in the country trade bare riding."

However, the fighting is still not over, but the worship and the ofo apparently have been at the top. In Jinan, Mobike occupy the upper hand, althougho in some of the campus can be seen, but in accordance with its staff, "not officially enter the economy." Sharing cycling crazy financing like a very bit of the year, fast, excellent step hegemony of the situation, then in the cycling sector will also be dominated the rivers and lakes of the "drop"

"At present, companies are looking for a more stable profit structure and model, but almost have not yet found." Wang Chenxi that now judge whether the "Unicorn company" is too early, because the market variables Many, each enterprise for the book data can be tapped to what extent, yet to be market test.

However, the capital of the high hold high to share the bicycle industry began to show virtual fire. Wang Xiaofeng had questioned, "17 that is someone else said, who saw 17 kinds of cars, said the people who took the money, some people say, 'I took a billion or two billion', I do not believe. The fund is not a billion, how could it cast two hundred million it? "As of the end of 2016 the national shared bicycle market, the overall number of users

18.84 million


Is expected by the end of 2017, the user will reach


Before 2010

From Europe, led by the government sub-city management, mostly for a bicycle

Public bike

Leasing 2010 - 2014 companies specializing in cycling market began to appear, but still with a bicycle

Contracted municipal


Share a bike

Since 2014

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, led byo to the Internet to share the cycle came into being, more convenient non-pile cycling began to replace the bench

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