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How The Length Of The Bicycle Handle Affects The Steering Of The Bicycle

The range of bike lengths and angles available on the market today gives cyclists great flexibility

 in fine-tuning their distance from the handle. Despite the comfort and efficiency of the location

 over all other considerations, Matt Wikstrom wanted to study the bike heights and controls on the 

steering gear of the road car.

Basically, after the invention of bicycles, which can be used for safe cycling, the bicycle 

handlebar plays an important role in regulation. Although the earliest bike standing distance is 

very short, but longer, adjustable models soon appeared.

Marshall Taylor invented the first adjustable bicycle handlebar in the late 19th century. This 

design has a sliding block clamped in the protruding length: the handle can be adjusted before and 

after the rider to meet the size. Taylor used this bike to stand up to win a lot of games, first 

used in the United States, and then spread to Europe.

Bicycle stand

Taylor's design of bicycle grips was eventually replaced by a strong upper and lower link design, 

and since then, by setting the bike to a different length, the rider can adjust their distance to 

the handlebar. Now, due to the fine adjustment of different angles, the length of the bicycle 

handlebar is as short as 50mm and as long as 150mm.

This adjustable bike grip allows the rider to have more frame models and geometries to consider. 

But the question arises: for bicycles, the bike can stand too long or too short? Is there an ideal 


There are no simple rules

Custom frame manufacturers are the best source of information on the length of a bicycle's stem. 

After all, they are doing this line, can provide the ideal customer-friendly advice, which involves

 a frame for each of them to make, determine the optimal length of the bicycle stem.

When asked about the length of the bike, I asked Steven Jaegher of Jaegher, Belgium, he replied, "

We chose the right frame size to keep the bicycle length within a reasonable range, which would 

help to balance the handling It 's not a good idea to install a short or long bike to make up for 

the length of the frame.

Richard Craddock, Craddock Cycles from the UK expressed a similar view, "In general, I found that 

the best bike length is the length of the middle of the bike, of course, these will depend on your 

position and your frame Tube length is correct, so as to ensure the use of medium-length bike to 

get the ride you want to ride the length of the location.

Bicycle stand

US Spectrum Cycles Tom Kellogg believes that the most important factor to consider is not the rider's reach, but his cockpit height.

"This is the height of the cockpit, not the height of the rider," says Kellogg, "if the longer the

 distance, the longer the bike handle / handle combination." "A full-fledged car, the longer it 

takes for the bike to stand, all the bikes are longer than the usual coasters, and the rest can be 

the same, More weight is concentrated on the front wheels. "

"The length of the bike stem varies depending on the bike," says Ryan Moody of Baum Cycles. "It 

must also match the rider's comfort, physiology, performance needs, and steering and handling." 

Best Bike Stands The length of the determination depends first on the cyclist, because the 

performance of movement than a relaxed position is more important, because the relaxed position and

can not always achieve the ideal physiological function state.

Clearly, there is no simple rule for determining the length of the bicycle stem, and the solution 

varies from person to person. But at least two factors are worth discussing, because they affect

 every rider.

Weight distribution

To simplify the problem, we assume that a bike has an adjustable front end so that all lengths can 

be selected for all reach values. Under this condition, the bicycle gantry length determines how 

much weight is concentrated on the front wheel.

"The longer the bike stands," explains Tom Kellogg, "the rider will lean more on the handle and 

keep the front wheel in the forward position, which in turn explains why professional Riders are 

accustomed to shorter frame lengths and longer bike stands, and the added stability also helps to 

control the wheels during heavy racing events.

Another important consideration is the position of the center of gravity, as shown in the following figure:

Bicycle stand

Ideally, the rider's center of gravity needs to be as close as possible to the front wheel position

. "A short bike with long upper tubes allows the front wheels to look lighter," says Richard 

Craddock. Ryan Moody adds: "The center of gravity is a problem of uncontrolled steering after the 

front wheels, but sometimes the weight on the front wheels may be too heavy.

Turning arc

Another factor that needs to be considered for the length of the bicycle stem is the size of the 

turning arc, and its effectiveness as shown in the following figure:

Bicycle stand

As explained by Tom Kellogg, "Short bike handles are more like steering wheels, and long bike 

handles are more like a rudder." Just like input to output ratio. "The short bike handle provides 

a much faster response, but the body movement is also relatively small, it looks like the same 


Richard Craddock is very cautious about the choice of long bicycle grips. "A long bike handle with 

a short top tube slows down the speed of handling, and if a rider is very far from the direction of

 the shaft, it is difficult to manipulate the direction at low speeds.

Ultimately, the control of the bicycle is based on the angle of the head pipe and the trail value,

 not just on the length of the bicycle grips, but to some extent the bicycle grips can be 

strengthened or mitigated. Therefore, the short bike can make bike steering gear faster, long bike

 handle is relatively slow. On the contrary, the long bike handle may be too slow to slow down the 

steering speed, if the bicycle head tube angle is relatively slow.

Bike length suitable for women

Speaking to Ryan Moody, he mentioned a particular point in the length of the bicycle gusset: "Women

 usually need short bike handles to adjust to their short length, while short lengths are important

 for weighting the front wheels We can reduce the frame, but this will lead to the possibility of 

toe and front wheel intersection, thus limiting the distance between the front wheel and body.

Bicycle stand

This is Richard Craddock concern a problem. "Some brands just reduce the angle of the head tube, so

 that the front wheel away from the toe a bit to prevent intersects.This also makes the trail value

 is more large, handling decreased, so in this case the best design of short bike handle So that 

the angle of the head pipe to rationalize in order to maintain good steering performance.

Summary and Conclusion

In most cases, the cyclist chooses the length of their bicycle grips not to do whatever they like, 

but to fine-tune their position on the bike. I have no objection to this approach, but when we want

 to determine the size of the frame or compare the different frame geometry, it is necessary to 

better determine the length of the bicycle handlebar.

Ideally, the bicycle grip must be long enough to allow the rider's center of gravity to concentrate

 on the front wheels to stabilize the direction and improve the friction between the wheels and the

 ground. At the same time, the bicycle handlebar needs to provide a turning arc for the angle of 

the head pipe and the trail value.

Bicycle stand

Although it is difficult to give a fixed proposal, a longer bicycle grip is usually more suitable 

for road vehicles because the driver is more inclined to ride at high speed and therefore prefer 

additional stability. For the bicycle stem, there is a approximate number is between 100-120mm, 

and then a little longer about 130mm or more, less than 90mm bike handle is considered a short bike


Throughout the body environment, the length of the bicycle stem is subtle. Many riders can easily 

adapt to various lengths of bicycle grips as long as the riders are able to get on the line. So to 

speak, to find a suitable bicycle riders ideal bicycle length, make their bike steering system and 

control system first more perfect.

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