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Global Share Of Bicycles Increased To 227 Million Overseas Markets Have Huge Room For Growth

After experiencing a deposit crisis and a domestic competition, the shared bicycles began to move the battlefield further. Yesterday, Cheetah Lab (Cheetah Global Think Tank), the global mobile data research organization, released the first "Shared Cycle Global Development Report." The data shows that overseas markets have become the main driving force for the growth of China's shared bicycle brands.

The report shows that the number of users of shared bicycles in the world has increased to 227 million in 2017. Overseas share cycling market booming. Since March 2017, local shared bicycle brands represented by OFO and Mobike have begun to develop overseas markets. Until the end of September 2017, the first wave of foreign markets ushered in more significant growth. The penetration rate of active users per week rose by 2440% in three months.


According to Quan Jing, Executive Dean of the Cheetah Global Think Tank, the global shared bicycle market, especially overseas markets, still has a lot of room for growth, and Chinese brands will become the main driving force. Quan Jing predicts that in 2019, the number of shared bicycle users in the world will reach 306 million. Among them, the potential for growth in overseas markets will be the largest, with a user space of 5 to 10 times the growth potential.

With the pattern of domestic shared bicycles tending to be stable, expanding overseas has become an inevitable choice for bicycle companies. According to the Cheetah Global Think Tank, ofo and Mobike accounted for more than 90% of the market share of domestic shared bicycles. However, sharing bicycles still face practical problems such as profitability and strict supervision. After a year-long subsidy for burning money, after the Spring Festival this year, the monthly card for worshiping and sharing bicycles recovered from the preferential price of 5 yuan for 3 months to 20 yuan per month, causing users to vomit. Raising prices may just be the first step in sharing bicycles to “self-help”. If there is no new round of investment, the days of sharing bicycles will be even more sad.

Under the objective reality that domestic first- and second-tier markets tend to be stagnant, the expansion to overseas markets is also an inevitable choice for domestic bicycle-sharing companies. But what needs to be seen is that the supervision of overseas shared cycling is also becoming more and more stringent. Recently, Italy plans to regulate the sharing of bicycles in the “Greater Milan area” and France will also issue regulations on sharing bicycles. In some European and American cities, domestic shared bicycles also face competition from old public bicycle rental services, such as CitiBike in New York and Velib in France. Earlier, Gobee Bike, a shared bicycle from Hong Kong, China, was also reportedly out of the French market due to serious theft and damage. For the shared bicycle companies that have already embarked on overseas journeys, the new competition may have only just begun.

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