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Give Sharing Bike Legislation To Protect Deposit Security

Statistics show that in the past two or more years, there have been 77 shared bicycle companies in China, 23 million shared bicycles have been put into use, and 400 million registered users. The cumulative number of services exceeds 17 billion, and the highest peak is 70 million people a day. Use shared bikes.

Although all kinds of figures are gratifying, the problems brought about by the rapid development of shared bicycles cannot be underestimated. The proposal put forward by Shi Guilu, the representative of the National People's Congress of Shaanxi, is to legislate for shared bicycles.

Sanctions against illegal acts from the legislative level

Shi Guilu pointed out in the proposal that the mainstream mode of sharing bicycles is non-pile public bicycles. Although the App for sharing bicycles encourages users to park in the “white line area,” the lack of mandatory restrictions makes such regulations entirely dependent on the quality of users. Once the parking capacity is exceeded, the pedestrian road may be crowded.

In addition, over-reliance on financing to survive, once there is no follow-up funds to follow up, the company will instantly die, from last year to this year, the user encountered a difficult deposit refund, it is full of news reports.

Public bicycles have not been listed in the non-motor vehicle sales catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Therefore, it is first necessary to pass legislation to incorporate this new form of shared bicycle into government management.

Shi Guilu found that at the current legal level, the traffic police department has only one mandatory behavior for non-motor vehicles, that is, the site does not pay fines, and the traffic police can temporarily detain the vehicle.

In Shi Guilu's proposal, he specifically mentioned that “minors under the age of 12 can't ride a shared bicycle”, but the current situation is that there are still a large number of minors riding a shared bicycle. Even if the law is established, enforcement is difficult.

Shi Guilu suggested that shared bicycles should be parked in an orderly manner in the designated area. "If there is no parking area, parking must not obstruct the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians."

Shi Guilu believes that the government’s supply of existing bicycle parking facilities is seriously insufficient, and parking spaces for Internet bikes do not provide suitable venues. "To solve the above problems, we must put forward requirements for the government to introduce supporting policies."


Protecting the deposit security of consumers

The issue of deposits for shared bicycles is a matter of concern for everyone. According to Shi Guilu, shared bicycles must continue to develop, and companies must put in strict management and guard against deposit risks.

“Under the condition that some shared bicycle companies deal with deposits that are unhealthy, it is necessary to prevent the risk of deposit risks arising from the sharing of bicycles from spreading, guarantee the safety of deposits for consumers, and open the credit unlocking mode,” said Shi Guilu.

Shi Guilu also suggested that all regions should establish access and withdrawal mechanisms, and use the regulatory platform to control the total amount. For example, the back-office can see whether the density of an area exceeds the amount that can be carried. When the degree of saturation reaches a certain level, evacuation can be carried out, "that is, control of the total amount put."

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