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Experience Mobike Bicycle Deposit Refund: Easy To Operate One Minute Into Account

At the beginning of the new year, the shared bicycle market continues to be popular, while the 

Mobike bike first completed the industry so far the largest 1.5 billion financing, but also in a 

week into Kunming, Nanjing, Dongguan and other places for a time the city is a small orange car.

     However, it was Tucao, Mobike bicycle cycle of the withdrawal process a little bit long, and 

sometimes even waiting for three or five days yet arrived. Xiao Bian personally experience and 

found that, through the Mobike retreat deposit is still very convenient, the refund rate can 

achieve "seconds back."

     Field experience: one minute into account

     Open the Mobike cycling APP, click the upper left corner, you can enter the personal

 information page. Click on "My wallet" to see the balance of the fare or to recharge, and the 

deposit refund is also on this page.

     Click "Deposit Refund", the system will prompt the deposit refund time is 2 to 7 working days

, and during this period will not be able to continue to use the car.

     Really need a long time? In fact, just 1 minute after the launch of the refund, Mobike Bikes 

APP tips "successful refund", and Xiao Bian's micro-wallet also shows that 299 yuan deposit has 

been credited, can be described as "second Back ".

     According to Mobike cycle aspects, Mobike support Alipay and WeChat payment of the two major

 network payment channels, the user through Paypal or WeChat to pay the deposit, the original path 

can usually be automatic refund, that is, "second exit."

     User Comments: This can be black?

     In fact, according to the vast majority of microblogging users feedback, Mobike cycle back 

deposit is very fast, as short as a few minutes, a few hours long, will be able to be able to be a 

one-minute refund, Received a refund.

     It is noteworthy that, by the impact of Alipay refund policy, there is a very small number of 

user refunds slower than usual. This is mainly due to September 5, 2016, Alipay's "automatic refund

" period of 90 days, overdue manual operation will need the background; prior to the payment 

through Alipay users to apply for a deposit refund, Mobike will be arranged Personally verify the 

account information, manual operation refund, usually 3 to 4 working days to solve, the user may 

wish to wait.

     According to Mobike cycle relevant person in charge, compared with the overall user volume,

 withdrawal of the user account for the deposit is negligible; the company is through technology 

and artificial means to accelerate the solution to the impact of user experience problems.

     Analysts pointed out that the domestic bicycle industry as a leader, Mobike cycling is now 

every move is of concern. The so-called "big tree attracts the wind," the normal operation of small

 bug is deliberately enlarged by competitors, adding fuel to the flames, is not difficult to 


     At present, the Mobike bicycle has entered the north, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen 12 cities,

 with hundreds of thousands of shared bicycles, covering the geographical and fleet size are in 

rapid expansion; total financing more than the sum of other companies in the industry, forage 

sufficient. Founder Hu Wei Wei had revealed that the amount of motorcycle users have exceeded 10 

million, and is still in rapid growth.

     "Let the bike return to the city," the dream of a great walk to have to move forward steadily.

 On the other hand, its share of travel, green travel concept has also been the Ministry of 

Communications, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection

 (MOC), the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the 

Ministry of Environmental Protection, And other government departments.

     This does not, the internationalization of the Mobike bicycle has a new pace. Yesterday, by the

 World Bank and the World Resources Institute, the invitation of the CEO of Mobike, Wang Xiaofeng

 to Washington, DC, World Bank headquarters, to participate in the global transportation industry's

 top international conference - Transforming Transportation, about Mobike ride to change the city 


Soon, not only in the north Guangshen, probably in the eastern United States of New York and 

Boston, Washington DC, we can ride to Mobike Bike!

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