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December 17, China's Ping An Lu Jin's hand in hand, in Shanghai, organized by the "Mo worship of 

God of Wealth, a ride out the fun ride," the theme of healthy fashion cycling activities. 

Activities through the online recruitment promotion, line participation in the linkage, attracting 

a large number of riding enthusiasts to participate. They ride through the streets of Shanghai 

accustomed to not only rediscover the fun, but also by the Lu Jin provided by the red envelope 

awards. With this event, Lu Jin hopes to promote people to "earn" the fun of life, this fun not 

only from financial management, but also from daily life.

Online and offline linkage, win-win gold by the red envelope

On the day of the event, the participants were divided into three groups. They completed three 

cycling routes: riding on Changbang Road, Anfu Road and Fashion Road. On the way through the team 

collaboration, capture the default fun points, the first team arrived at the finish by the Lu Jin 

to provide red envelopes reward.

The cooperation between Lujin and Mabai Bicycle is to encourage people to bid farewell to "home 

life", to strengthen health and environmental protection and financial management, while also 

discovering more fun in the familiar cities, with the help of such cycling activities. , Perhaps 

just a fun corner of the shop, perhaps along the road into a row of golden ginkgo tree. In order to

 convey this concept to more people, this event also with the introduction of H5 interactive games,

 so that other city users with H5, a virtual ride way to understand the north and the 

Chengdu-Guangzhou and other five cities characteristics, and Received by the red gold award 

provided by the land.

As one of the Ping An Group financial platform, Lu Jin has become the world's leading Internet 

wealth management platform for different needs of the user to provide a wide range of financial 

products. During the event, Lu Jin's red envelopes are sent to the participants' Lu Jin's account, 

which can be used by the participants to finance and to receive the corresponding benefits.

Peace Fortuna Festival, earn more money to make life interesting

Lu Jin said that this "Mo worship of God of Wealth, a land ride out of fun" activities, but also 

China's "Fortuna Festival" part. As the annual financial online carnival, "God of Fortune" has been

 held for three consecutive years, known as the "financial double". 2014,2015 two God of Wealth 

Festival activities have hit nearly 200 billion yuan sales, the explosion of a product that is 

introduced by the enthusiasm of the consumer respected and supported in the industry caused a great


This year, "God of Fortune" theme is "to make money, make more interesting life", which, Ping 

relevant person in charge said that as a leading personal financial life service provider, Ping An

 has full financial license, professional financial product design / The ability to control the 

wind, has been for the vast number of consumers to provide more competitive full range of financial

 solutions. "God of Fortune" brand concept from the 2014 focus on users "to make money" extended to

 this year's "make more interesting life", is to give users a wealth of asset value, while 

financial consumption is no longer a boring digital game , Make it close to life, become more 

interesting, to the user quality of life to bring visible changes.

Lu Jin said, and Mo Bi cycle together, is an excellent interpretation of this concept. Interesting 

life, is healthy, good at discovering the beauty of life, with steady wealth growth in life, of 

course, fun certainly more than that, everyone needs to find, to "earn."

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