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Dropbike In Canada

Now the world is promoting low-carbon travel, followed by the emergence of the current very popular bike sharing service (bike sharing service), Toronto is no exception. Although Toronto has long been available for public cycling with the public bike service, but basically did not get rid of the "parking pile", the bicycle stopped at the fixed parking piles, and there is no seamless connection with the smart phone, so more or less affected Share the development of cycling. And this situation will soon be changed, because Canada's first "no dock (dock-less)" shared bicycle service to be officially settled in Toronto, and it is Dropbike.

According to Dropbike official news, this summer there will be thousands of as shown in the "small orange" Dropbike shared cycling stationed in Toronto, then Toronto residents can be a few simple steps on the phone, riding a "little orange" in the city Free to pass.

So, with the previous Toronto, those who locked in the parking pile on the public bike compared to the upcoming "little orange" easy to use it?


If the city found a "small orange", you can take out the mobile phone scanning seat on the two-dimensional code (QR) signs, through the phone to verify the information can enjoy this "small orange" the right to use the current Dropbike preliminary Bicycle billing is $ 1 per hour and is not too expensive There is news that the future may be up after the popular price Oh!

If the ride is completed, do not need to use the "little orange", then it can be based on Dropbike mobile app marked on the public places parking area, any parking can be any car.

China's domestic "small yellow (OFO)", "Mobike" and other shared bicycles have been a mess of fire, do not know more emphasis on environmental protection in Toronto, "small orange" will react?

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