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Does Bike Sharing Can Be Next Uber

Simply to share a bicycle or subway to solve the problem is the last mile to the company. And this 

shared model is easy to think of drop car, then this born out of the Internet to share the economic

 network will get a bike-like success?

China is the country with the largest number of bicycles, known as the "bicycle kingdom," said, 

remember I was a child, we travel are basically riding a bike, bicycle in China at that time the 

society has a pivotal position.

But with the economic development, bicycles are gradually being replaced by cars, motorcycles, 

electric cars, bicycle "status" is gradually reduced. Now in big cities, people ride the most is 

the public bike.

The shared bicycle you want to subvert the city public bicycle, in the past, the public bicycle has

 many drawbacks, such as leasing outlets is not enough, by not convenient, the vehicle is easy to 

bad and so on.

Although the sharing of bicycles pain points for these markets have done to improve, but shared 

bicycle problems are still facing a lot.

First, in the big city riding experience is poor, many city non-main roads are not bike lane, the 

rider street often have to face rampage battery car, pedestrian walkers, and a little occupied the 

bike lane of the car, The lack of public facilities led to a lot of people do not want to ride a 


The second is to share the defects of cycling itself, in order to Mo Bi cycle, for example, there 

are many users complained about Mo Bi cycle difficult to ride, mainly due to the operator in order 

to reduce the repair rate, and remove the chain, by shaft to drive, In addition to the body inside 

the GPS module, chips, etc. components, but also makes the body too heavy, resulting in a start 

when riding difficult, shorter taxiing distance.

Finally, the cost, it was calculated from the company to the subway station, spend 2 yuan a day, a 

month down is 40 yuan a year is 480 yuan, enough money in the secondary market to buy five bicycles

, and the taxi is different from a taxi A few years of spending may also can not afford a good car.

In general, shared bicycle needs to be resolved a lot of problems, there is a new giants to fight 

the company also has a long way to go.

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