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Didi OFO War

Since drastically swift and fierce price-compensated competition, shaking hands and merging, they have captured most of the market share of taxi travel. As a result, travel prices were restored and the dividends of the travel market were exclusively enjoyed. Didi Chu traveled a new round of financing of US$5.5 billion last year and took a lot of financing preparations to attack the expansion site.

However, the small yellow car OFO investment and OFO investment in Tencent's investment in Mibai through fierce price war competition, Xiao Huang car OFO urgent need to supplement financing funds, recently mortgaged Ali to nearly 10 million small yellow car, get 1.66 billion yuan The funds, and continue to accept Ali's 866 million US dollars of investment, there is a tendency to fall to Ali. Due to the huge market for shared bicycles, it is unwilling to travel to this market. Before long took over the small blue car, leaving behind.

The recent network also revealed that it plans to raise 10 billion yuan. On the 1st of April, the drop delivery will be on the line. Through generous treatment, it recruited riders to win over businesses and prepares to participate in the take-out market where the United States and the United States have taken a large number of fights and have been hungry, and counterattacked the use of taxis to intervene in their own areas of travel.

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It can be imagined that Tencent's Ma Huateng is paralyzed. Whether it is a drop or a group, Ma Huateng has investments. The two younger brothers also began to fought each other. Ma Huateng's heart collapsed.

However, Jack Ma secretly smiled behind him. Ma left has a reputation and hungry about half of the take-out market. The right hand has a small yellow-vehicle OFO and a half-sharing bike market for Harlow. Ma Dad has huge amounts of money and ammunition in his hand, watching you in the back silently.

Very early on, Ma Daddy was displeased with the combination of Didi and Fast, and felt that the merger was a mistake because he lost control of the travel market. The price increase in the travel market and the lack of competition also made Ma Dad very unhappy.

Ma Yun is eyeing the travel market. After the US team and the Didi war, it is very likely that there is a good reason to buy a travel-related taxi APP company and re-enter the huge travel market to compete with Didi.

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