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Dawei: Ofo Hopes To Provide Undifferentiated Service To 2 Billion Users Worldwide

From November 6 to November 10, leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2017 will be held in Da Nang, Vietnam this week. The theme of this year is "to create a new impetus and create a shared future." Ofo Small yellow car founder and CEO David was invited to attend and deliver a speech, from the leaders of 21 member economies, senior government officials and business leaders interpret the charm of sharing economy, delivering the concept of environmental protection, equality and trust.

Dewey disclosed in his speech that the future ofo hopes to provide undifferentiated services to 2 billion users worldwide.

"Let me tell you a story that made me feel confident and confident that the cause we are working on is the right one." David started his speech with a story. American writer Peter Hessler describes such a scene in his documentary literature River Town:

In Chengdu in 1997, people put the words "built-in Intel processor" on the bike frame, fender, as a popular element. People think it represents advanced, cutting-edge, international, these are what they desire and longing for. Twenty years later, ofo made this scene a reality.

"Today, ofo makes bicycles have the ability to think and communicate, and we put smart chips in the car, giving them the ability to locate, control and transmit data." Dewey said OFO and the world's leading technology companies, GPS service providers to cooperate, equipped with smart chip bikes in 17 countries around the world, for 200 million users with travel services.

"We believe in sharing to make life better, and we do not think people care about having a car or not, and more importantly getting the travel out of service when it's needed." David Dewey found that as ofo increases the supply of shared bicycles, When all can be used, such acts as private occupation have also gradually decreased or even disappeared.

"One more thing that made us particularly excited about the fact that we've seen so many people go to the streets on their own initiative to share their bicycles and they are called" bicycle hunters, "many of whom are still studying high school students Behavior, let me feel deeply, ofo let people regain and rebuild the sense of responsibility to society, which is why I think sharing can make life better one of the reasons.

Dewey said that as more and more people join the shared team, the blue sky is gradually returning to the city. The study found that due to the popularity of shared bicycles, some major cities in China such as Beijing and Shenzhen have experienced significant improvements in the second and third quarters. In addition, as more and more people choose to travel by bike, the consumption of gasoline in people's daily travel has also declined.

"We now have 200 million users, we have seen such a huge change, but we think this is only the beginning of a huge potential for shared economy, and even pry this era." Dewey said the future ofo hope for the world 2 billion Users provide undifferentiated services, this business model and trends are moving to the world.

"I believe OFO is helping to create a" shared "future for all of humankind. Sharing a bicycle is just the beginning." Dewey said he expects one day people will enjoy the better life brought by advanced technology, People's lives are happier and healthier.

The APEC Conference is one of the most important international economic and trade conferences in the world and plays an irreplaceable role in strengthening economic and technological cooperation among member countries in the Asia Pacific region. As China's "new big four inventions", this is the second appearance of the high-level meeting of ofo after Davos made its debut this summer. Witho members of APEC painted a new vision for Asia-Pacific cooperation after 2020.

Founded in 2014, OFO Little Yellow Car pioneered the "Pileless Bicycle Sharing" model in June 2015. By cooperating with the world's leading technology companies and GPS service providers, ofo will be equipped with a smart chip bike around the world 17 180 cities in the country have provided over 4 billion efficient and convenient travel services with green and low carbon to more than 200 million users worldwide with 10 million shared bicycles and become the new dynamic of shared economic development in the world. Currently, OFO offers more than 32 million daily service.


During the meeting, ofo small yellow car at the same time in Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) held "we mean business" exhibition appearance. This exhibition is one of the major events during APEC, attracting more than 4,000 delegates from around the world, covering leading players in trade, investment and tourism, economists and the international media. As the only Chinese company invited to participate, the OFO Small Yellow Car attracted the attention of all participating guests and other countries.

In April this year, OFO and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation at the United Nations Headquarters to launch a one-kilometer initiative on a global scale to jointly promote low-carbon and environmentally friendly cycling modes to promote sustainable development achieve. In late October of this year, ofo also signed an agreement with C40 City Group to discuss the feasibility of a global environmental governance program to address global climate change.

According to the latest data, OFO users currently ride around the world with a total of about 13.5 billion km and a total reduction of 2.16 million tons of carbon, equivalent to about 3 million standard football field size forests absorb the total amount of carbon dioxide a day, equivalent to a decrease of 1.035 million Ton of PM2.5 emissions, saving 615 million liters of gasoline.

As a shared economic representative from China to the world, the OFO Small Yellow Car is bringing China's innovation model to the rest of the world and becoming a positive response and participant in the integration and development of Asia Pacific and the world at large. Prior to that, OFO has said it will enter 200 cities in 20 countries by the end of 2017. With this APEC meeting, OFO will further accelerate its globalization process and work with APEC members to create a new 2020 vision.

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