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Corporate Cycling Mode - A Low-carbon Living, Green Travel

Western Returned Scholars Association is located in Beijing's Dongcheng District, 111 South Riverside Avenue, an old courtyard, near Chang'an Street, in front of the capital of the famous plugging point, often encounter long traffic, motor vehicle travel is very convenient. From the Western Returned Scholars Association and other departments and units to the Central United Front Work basically in the range of 3-5 km, riding a bicycle to only convenient, but also energy saving. The total payment of public bicycle 10, authorities offices each one, motorized public one. In order to regulate the use and management of public bicycles, formulated a "Western Returned Scholars Association official bicycle use regulations," the daily administration of the public bicycles, life insurance, car range, use the instructions so made detailed provisions to ensure that the official bike 3-5 km range generally become official activities "permanent card," transport.

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