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Complete The D Round Of Financing, Ofo And Mobike Who Will Be Leadership

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Compared to the field of biting the location of the taxi, sharing the bike is actually a short trip 

to the city as the starting point, the continuation of drip traffic realized business path.

According to the media reported on March 1, ofo announced the completion of D round 450 million US 

dollars (about 3.1 billion yuan) financing, the financing by the DST leader, drop, CITIC Industry 

Fund and many other domestic and foreign institutions with the vote. Ofo said that after this 

round of financing, ofo or become the industry's highest valuation of the unicorn company.

In the 2016 years of the "capital winter", the total number of users sharing the bicycle market 

realized a huge increase from 2.45 million to 18.86 million. This is attributed to the rapid 

development of shared economy, but in the strict sense, "shared bicycle" does not belong to the 

shared economic category. It is a model of urban slow-moving system innovation, in fact, "Internet 

+ bike" a new time-sharing leasing model, both the needs of the people, but also supply side of the 

reform needs. And the nature of the integration of offline items or services under the "shared 

economy" is different.

As a once "bike big country", the Chinese people have always been a special bike sustenance 

sustenance. With the surge in car ownership year after year, traffic congestion has become a lot of 

urban problems, and the emergence of shared bicycles just to solve the city residents "last mile" 

travel problems.

At present, with the two companies as the main representative of the shared bicycle market, 

regardless of the number of users or the scale of the pace of development of the capital, are as if 

the recurrence of the Internet taxi market battle, and who can become a bike on the "drop Drop "

different opinions.

Ofo and Mobike are "no pile of bicycles" as the main product model, but there are some differences 

between the two.

From the car lock technology, Mobike uses a GPS smart lock, with vehicle positioning and user 

behavior data storage function attributes. And ofo not installed GPS positioning terminal, the user 

can not search through the mobile phone APP near the vehicle, bring a certain amount of car costs. 

And, ofo the password is fixed, the risk of car theft is greater.

From the body itself, the first use of Mobike is a solid tire, power drums charging method, 

although the body of the longer life, lower maintenance costs, but the manufacturing cost is very 

high. In addition, the design of solid tires to the user to bring greater riding resistance, 

charging and riding experience of the trade-off is the problem of Damai. Followed by the 

introduction of the second generation of lai Bai is the choice of ordinary tires, riding experience 

improved a lot. Generation car costs about 2,500 yuan, lite less than 1,500 yuan. Compared to the 

public worship, ofo is the choice of ordinary cycling, the new model costs around 260 yuan, cycling 

experience and ordinary car no difference, lower manufacturing costs, more conducive to the first 

to seize the market through mass production.


Coupled with the bike is a labor-intensive industries, only the wheel group, steel ring, paint can 

be completed by self, the rest are done by hand. Non-standard parts need to re-open the mold, 

Matthew in order to solve the problem of durable and resistant to the use of special parts, but the 

supplier's production capacity is limited, for GPS locks and other core components, the supply 

chain upstream and downstream game is shared bicycle companies around Kaner.

With the massive influx of capital, the sharing of bicycle products is more diversified and 

convergent. Compared to the field of biting the location of the taxi, sharing the bike is actually 

a short trip to the city as the starting point, the continuation of drip traffic realized business 

path. As a huge population base of the flow of imports, sharing the bicycle on the one hand by 

collecting user travel data, the user portrait analysis, the formation of large transport data, 

used in government planning, precision advertising and other areas; on the other hand, And the 

accumulation of fares generated by the pool of funds can also be deep in the development of 

Internet financial services.

However, sharing bicycles is like the public quality of the "demon mirror", or the public 

management of the "microscope". The rapid expansion of the industry at the same time, sharing the 

bicycle is still facing the challenges of social morality, vehicle theft, malicious damage, 

indiscriminate road and chaotic parking behavior is not uncommon, industry chaos urgent solution.

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