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China Have More Than 100 Bike Sharing Company

June 26 news, in the 2017 World Mobile Internet Conference and the new media portal conference, Sina science and technology interview with the small blue cycling vice president Hu Yu boiling.

Share the development of the bicycle industry so far, there are still new players with new models into the industry, for this phenomenon, Hu Yu boiling analysis, sharing the bike is in the winter boom in the capital, there will be a lot of hot money influx, they Fancy, a deposit, and second, the number of users. "But now, there are more than 100 domestic companies into the field of shared bicycles, the industry has developed into the midfield stage, then enter the stage is not particularly wise choice.

Ma Teng and Zhu Xiaohu's shared bicycle dispute

June 19, ofo investors, Jinshajiang venture capital partner Zhu Xiaohu in the circle of friends commented that the data overhaul, "and the actual number of street feel the same," the investment of Ma worship Ma said that every day to see real-time Data, from the WeChat payment to see Mabe wins, not because of investment and distort the facts, in addition, Ma said that the technology using the "dumb terminal", rather than only the terminal, "heap dumb terminal, who will not?" The


For this debate on the sharing of bicycles, Hu Yu said that this phenomenon is very normal, because the two big brother invested in two very different companies. "Drops are fast taxi platform, are relying on the burn mode to expand the market, but the public is a smart lock, ofo is a password lock, take a completely different way.

Prior to this, Ma Bai and ofo were given market share data, from the two data point of view, the two total market share has exceeded 120%. Hu Yu boiling that is not clear the two dimensions of the calculation of data, small blue bike to measure the size of the data is in accordance with the number of vehicles per day was riding, and now the data is small blue 8-9 per day. "We admit that there is a gap with the first and second, but we will do the product in a harsh manner."

Hu Yu boiling mentioned, relative to the worship and ofo, small blue bike is the product of the road, the car and car lock done enough good, so that more users recognized. "In the rapid development of the battlefield, also need such a third of the competitors."

But ofo, moay behind the ants gold clothes and drops, Tencent such investors, small blue bike how broken. Hu Yu said that this is still relatively optimistic. Whether it is Alipay or WeChat can be unlocked small blue, the industry competition does not exist unfair phenomenon, will still accept the small blue strategic cooperation.

Will be the new push of the models for commercial exploration

As for the number of small blue bicycles relative to the number of poor and ofo inferiority, whether the lack of funds performance. Hu Yu boiling response said, first, small blue bike launch time will be relatively late, officially launched in November last year. "Do not win first win."

Second, the small blue bike in the brewing some changes, more put white and blue gears and bluegogo Pro 2. This year in May, the small blue bike has announced the launch of bluegogo Pro 2 upgrade carbon fiber frame, this model is equipped with a 7.9-inch intelligent control screen, the use of solar power, dust and water.

Its functions include the provision of precise navigation during the ride, the speed of the process of riding, distance and other real-time data reflected in the screen, in addition, can also be used as a guide to provide users with food and beverage service entrance, at the same time, Gravity sensor, to protect the user safety, which is small blue in the commercial aspects of the exploration.


But sharing a bicycle with a certain degree of damage, the size of the screen on the bike to join the future is also limited? Hu Yu explained that the current small blue bicycle damage rate and loss rate can be controlled within 7%. In addition, the mass media nationwide elevator media does not exceed 10 million screen, small blue bike has been put 700,000 trolley, the follow-up scale will be relatively large.

China has more than 100 companies to enter the shared bicycle industry

Industry development so far, still continue to have new models, the influx of new companies, Hu Yu boiling analysis, sharing the bicycle industry is the emergence of the winter in the capital of the outlet, there will be a lot of hot money influx, they fancy a deposit, two Is the number of users.

"But now, there are more than 100 domestic companies to enter the field of shared bicycles, the industry has developed into the midfield stage, then enter the stage is not particularly wise choice. First, lack of funds, and second, other players have been paved A considerable number of bicycles need to find differences. "

At this stage to share the cycling industry there is another chaos is the user of the bicycle destruction and unauthorized occupation. Hu Yu said that when the distribution of shared bicycles reached a certain number, the user can often ride to, do not need to deliberately account for themselves. Of course, the industry also has some black interests of the chain - the bicycle will be maliciously destroyed, recycling and then sell, Hu Yu said that this is illegal, small blue bicycle has sued the relevant destroyer.

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