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Can Cyclist Make Smart Bicycle More Popular

Less than 50 square meters room, a dozen computers table, stacked some bicycle accessories, on the wall wrote full design draft. James see a visitor, walked from the house, took us through an office area into a small public meeting room. He was wearing a loose knit sweater, Slim trousers, feet, a pair of casual shoes, looks tall and thin.

James is a cycling enthusiast. In this workshop resembles office, he founded the an company, to create China's first smart bike in a true sense, as early as in the legend of the Internet to enter the industry bigwigs. PreAngel company received angel investment, and NewMargin of Pre-A round of investment, financing nearly a million yuan.

Works was named as the basic concept of "Omni." This is a snow-capped mountains of Tibet, located in the northwest YBJ belonging junior climbers to conquer the favorite entry-level peaks. Like hiking, climbing ,Chiang Min Chen said: "This project is like a mountain to climb, then there will be harder."

Change the traditional bicycle industry is difficultyt, James founded the basic concepts in mind. Even today, bike not changed so much. Speedometer is expensive and date can't update with phone. Phone gps data was not accurate, and battery is limited, and easily high heat;bike theft is serious, these are all common problems.

Team are very understand this feelings.Jack is an cycling enthusiast, cycling more than 7 years, and ride more than 5000 kilometers, and once sell bicycle and bicycle accessories on one website.And also is one bike club manager, is very familiar about how to operate bicycle club,it is good to spread smart bicycle product. It was agreed that: "The so-called intelligence, is to let every rider feel the presence of intelligence, is based on the natural growth of the mechanical parts, no damage to cycling."

"OCS" six major intelligence function, is able to grasp cycling enthusiasts ?

Data is of course indispensable, built on the body of the sensor to make sure more accurately record riding data (such as speed, cadence, track routes, etc.), real-time synchronization to your phone. Anti-theft feature the most anticipated (I believe many people have lose bicycle tragic memories), later paired with the phone, mobile phone owners can bicycle alarming. The vehicle is moved, it will alarming to alert.

Map navigation, to make sure won't lose outside.

"These features can be complex on the logic, is presented to the user a feeling, as if the bicycle is alive, there is life. By the end of 2013, when decided to do the smart bike, although not think so clear compare with now, one thing is certain, and that is sure to be the transformation of traditional industries. "In the future no one will say that my bicycle is a smart bike, his bike was not smart, just like the phone now, are intelligent machines,  Traditional industries are unreasonable, but also our opportunity. Cycling is a very traditional industries, but also many chance. 

In 2014, the discussion of intelligent bicycle unprecedented warm. Millet claims in the development of smart bike, Baidu smart bike Dubike successfully won the public eye. State for Xiangdong, president of Digital announced his resignation, expand bicycle around third venture. Internet giant players in succession admission, the traditional bicycle industry this century to have no significant changes to the air.

Great since no more "behind closed doors", but opening the door to listen to more voices. Jiang Min Chen of the Lean Startup approach extends to hardware manufacturers, the use of limited resources, the first to make the product Demo, then launched the "Kai Zi plan" interactive online and offline, collecting 20 users FREE angel riding, according to the user's experience Get feedback, iterative and constantly improve the product. "China 1600 Wanji line enthusiasts, there are about 20 to 30 percent of people are especially fever, and they are very understanding of the assembly, loading on their own. We are beginning to sell fans, by the fans and then extend to ordinary users. "He said.

Choose from a bike indu, because most  partners like bicycles, and James specializes in design, hardware and software . This team genes,make Mary realized that there might open up the situation in the bicycle market. Her selection is extremely harsh: First, the "flexible working" just go after ten o'clock at night. Second seven days working system. Third, the low wages. These three principles scare away nearly 80% of the candidates, the aim is to find people really combative. "As a start-up enterprise, not suitable for people who would scourge the entire team, I would like to join the team of people really love this business." He said.

Taiwan film "Etudes"  saying classic lines: "I hope in the life of 20-something years, do one thing make me smiling until 80 years old." This is a mental disorder related to a suffering young man carrying a guitar, riding a bicycle around the island, but also "Omni" Movie Day events show the first movie.

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