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Boy Riding Ofo Was Hit Dead, Do Not Always Let The Shared Bicycle "back Pot"

March 26 at 1 pm, occurred in Zhejiang North Road, Tiantong Road intersection of the tragedy once again led to the community for the use of shared bicycle concerns. This is also the case of the first case of a bicycle disqualification that is currently happening in Shanghai.

A young life of the fall, people marvel, and the accident and share the bike - the recent because of random parking, was malicious damage, deposit supervision and other issues often see the newspaper of the new things figure, which led to the whole Social concern. This is a road traffic safety accident identified, was shared cycling grab the limelight, according to statistics, 2016 shared bicycle has not yet entered, Shanghai involving less than 12 years of age non-motor vehicle traffic accidents occurred 245, resulting in 85 There are some loopholes in the use of bicycles, so that minors under 12 years of age can ride, but to strengthen safety education, improve the road, so that even if there is no share of the traffic accident, Traffic facilities, convenient city traffic is from this incident should be more attention.


The emergence of a shared bicycle is undoubtedly worthy of recognition, because it facilitates the lives of the masses, to achieve a green trip, but the ensuing series of questions people have doubts about it. In fact, we should "look" through the "appearance" to see the "nature", sharing the problem caused by bicycles is not "new", the public financial damage is serious, the vehicle chaos stopped, some industry deposit management is not standardized, these problems in the urban development process Are different degrees of the emergence of only shared bicycle amplification, so the management of these issues should not only share the bicycle "back pot", but should be fundamentally resolved, do not wait until the problem is serious, only think of governance, public management "Slow half shot" may cause the people's lives and property of the huge losses.

Urban management is a system of the whole, led by the body, the current China is vigorously promoting the "wisdom of the city" is based on this. "Let the city will think" to achieve management and public opinion of the seamless connection, in order to really avoid "after the Zhuge Liang", so that urban development is full of temperature.

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