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Bluegogo Run 93kg When Nobody Ride

Share a bike can run a few consecutive days? Yesterday, Miss Liu's small blue bike client told her that she was on March 8 rented a small blue bike, has been non-stop "run" for 4 days! Really shocked her.

● Time: March 12, 2017

Location: Shenzhen

People: Miss Liu

● Abstract: Weekends intend to go out to play, open the commonly used small bluegogo bike App, but found that in their own without the knowledge of the case, actually sleeplessly "ride" 92 hours 58 minutes of cycling.

"Riding" nearly 93 hours bill 92 yuan

Share a bike can run a few consecutive days? Yesterday, Miss Liu's small blue bike client told her that she was on March 8 rented a small blue bike, has been non-stop "run" for 4 days! Really shocked her.

Miss Liu away from the subway station a little distance, so usually often riding a bicycle to go out every day to spend a 5 cents can save a lot of time to walk.

Yesterday, Miss Liu ready to use the small blue bike, found the phone program shows that she actually has been riding the state, but also has "riding" 92 hours 58 minutes, cost 92 yuan.

"I saw the ride for 93 hours I was silly, and thought I had borrowed the car was stolen." Miss Liu lingering fear, if not happen to use their own bike, the bill I am afraid to continue to calculate. The last time she used a small blue bike, is March 8 at around 5:30 pm, because the day is the "March 8" Women's Day, the company to celebrate the festival, female employees can work one hour in advance.


Miss Liu came out from the subway station, had wanted to drop a taxi home, but the phone quickly no electricity, and fear of contact with the driver, so simply use the phone's last power to unlock a stop at the subway station blue line. Riding Miss Liu found that this small blue bike and their usual use is not the same: Although there is no before the car, but ride more light and comfortable. Back to the cell door to stop the bike, Miss Liu used to lock the seat under the bike lock, digital lock will be restored in situ, that has been the end of the trip, back home. Until yesterday afternoon, Miss Liu and his family go out ready to ride to relax, only to find that they did not end the mobile phone program on the trip, and the client has not been asked to stop Miss Liu trip to remind the end of the trip.

Customer service: car is a new version of the phone side to end billing

Yesterday afternoon, Miss Liu in the small blue cycling mobile client selected the end of the trip, the pop-up bill asked Miss Liu to pay the cost of riding 92 yuan, or can not start the next trip. Do not look at the cost seems to be small, but relative to the small blue bike every half hour only charge 0.5 yuan calculation rules, this order can be described as "astronomical" it! Suffered no charge, to the background after feedback did not get a reply, which makes Miss Liu very anxious.

Reporters get clues to help Miss Liu to open up the small blue bike customer service phone, customer service that Miss Liu this use of small blue bike is the company's newly developed second generation Jane riding version of the bike, and Miss Liu usually use smart line version Bike is different: in the scan bike body after the two-dimensional code, Jane riding a bike need to manually enter the program to jump out of the four passwords to unlock; and the end of the use of bicycles, not only need to manually complete the lock car, , The user must also press the end of the trip button on the phone side, to end the billing. As Miss Liu on March 8 that day after the use of small blue bike, not in the mobile side of the follow-up operation, so the system that the bicycle is still in use, only calculated up to 92 hours 58 minutes of use time. Customer service that, after verification verification, Miss Liu has this order as abnormal order data, and this order price increase for the normal charges, has been canceled follow-up charge.

Miss Liu believes that small blue bike launched a new version of the bike is very good, but can not automatically end the trip is really inconvenient for the user. "The system should have a hint like this, or develop a function that automatically ends the trip," she says.

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