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Bluegogo Enter Nanjing

January 11, the share of bluegogo small blue bicycle cycling (hereinafter referred to as "small 

blue bicycle"), officially announced by the official micro-letter to enter Nanjing, the first 

batch of 50,000 small blue bike will be completed before the Spring Festival delivery, since the 

small blue Cycling has completed four cities in the target, a total of 13 million car shop for 2016,

the work of the perfect ending. Since entering the bureau in November last year, since the sharing

of bicycles, small blue bicycle has been "for more users of the city's best to ride the light sport

bike" as the goal, in the gradual optimization and improvement of products, continue to enter the 

more urban markets, Riding a variety of activities, and actively respond to government calls, launched

a number of shared bicycle industry, civilized initiatives, through their own products and operations,

so that all users access to more convenient and efficient riding experience, shared bicycle more 

than travel, Is to allow users to experience the fun of everyday riding.

"15 days a city": small blue bike settled in Nanjing perfect ending 2016


4 City landing, small blue bicycle promised to honor the listing

"15 days a city" This is the communication in Beijing co-founder Li Gang's "rhetoric", small blue 

bicycle on November 22 officially landed in Shenzhen, followed by an alarming speed quickly "

capture" Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing Three cities, after a lapse of one and a half come back to 

review the beginning of the promised commitment to make the man-made brand of super executive power

 exclaimed. It is understood that small blue bicycle has achieved a total of 130,000 bicycles put, 

and the total number of users in a short time also reached 1.6 million. Not only the number of 

vehicles put in and the total number of users in the growing, small blue bicycle city operating 

territory has repeatedly expanded. Take the longest operating time in Shenzhen, the current 

vehicles have more than 50,000 vehicles, the number reached 500,000 users, the average single 

vehicle to use 8 times, the operating area from the earliest Nanshan, Fukuda, after two re-planning

 Has expanded to the current full coverage of the whole hot spot in Shenzhen.


As one of the important enterprises in the industry, small blue bicycle from the beginning of the 

creation of hope to become a new field of shared bicycle blood, so that the entire industry back to

 share the beginning of the cycle. The "user experience as the core, maintaining the healthy 

development of the industry as a whole" as a starting point, small blue bicycle launched the "

shared cycling fair competition civilized convention" to encourage more practitioners to 

participate. "In the overall operation process, we are still officially launched in December under 

the 'recommended parking spots' car approach, and gradually in all cities in the implementation of 

the landing, so that more users and we maintain a civilized city car image, Start there 'Little 

Blue Man' public welfare organization project to encourage the public to report biking violations 

and give credit points to encourage the "small blue bicycle COO Sun Ye stressed.

3 heavy "by" "free", allowing users to surprise constantly

Small blue bicycle first surprise, in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu City on-line synchronization of 

the "free riding week" activities, the daily number of riding no limit. "To encourage riding, 

falling in love with riding, riding, riding habits, so that more users have the opportunity to 

participate in riding to our small blue bicycle hope to do more, free is just a way, we also hope 

Through more ways to let users fall in love with a bike's life, "said Li Gang, co-founder of Little

 Blue Bicycle. According to the official data show that the blue bikes, the "free riding week" 

activities to reduce carbon emissions totaled 2187.4 tons, equivalent to 10937000 trees a day of 

carbon reduction. In order to make the "carbon reduction" and "free ride" activities continue to 

effectively improve our urban environment, the small blue bicycle will also be free weeks in 

Shenzhen issued 15-90 days, ranging from free riding vouchers, and Promote a series of related 


While other surprises are even more users in the daily can benefit from the first 99 yuan ultra-low

 deposit far lower than other brands, while constantly giving coupons and riding concessions 

continue to reduce the threshold for the user can be more low-cost car , To help users encourage 

the public to choose green transport travel. Just in the past week, the Chengdu government's "

Chengdu to encourage the sharing of bicycle development on the pilot (opinion draft)", which is the

first to encourage the public through the sharing of green cycling city, small blue bicycle 

Positive response to the call, the first time the government responded and expressed support for 

the latter part of the small blue bicycle will use the platform for large data analysis and 

processing capacity for government departments to provide reference to jointly promote the Chengdu 

bicycle industry healthy and orderly development.

"15 days a city": small blue bike settled in Nanjing perfect ending 2016


2 big promises for escorting ride safety

Safety as a bike in the city's biggest challenge, the concern of all, for urban cycling may produce

 accidental injury, small blue bicycle are also for users to make preparations. December 18, a 

small blue bike in Chengdu conference announced with the PICC China People's Insurance contract, 

launched the "worry-free riding protection plan" to provide users with riding during the accident 

insurance. "We hope that in the ongoing operation of the process to optimize our problems, the 

current into the 4 City is our former station, after the Spring Festival we will open up more 

cities, the small blue bicycle light movement concept to more users around, Please wait and see "

small blue bicycle COO Sun Ye says.

On the other hand, the safety factor of the vehicle itself also requires the user to pay more 

attention. Whether the brakes are sensitive, whether the strength of the body are related to the 

safety of cyclists. Small blue bicycle frame wheels are used high-strength, lightweight 6061 

aluminum alloy, and adopted the 200,000 times the EU rigorous testing. Comparison of available 

bicycles available in the market, small blue bicycle used drum brake + roller brake, it can be said

 that the best security program, which Rolla brakes recognized in the industry with high efficiency,

 fast brake response, light operation, failure Low rate and so on. Since the launch, the small blue 

bicycle with a good riding experience and beautiful shape, in various cities have been widely praise

d by users, including small blue bikes proud of the "comfortable four-piece" (handle, cushion , Seat

 tube and pedal), 3 seconds to quickly unlock and body iconic blue was "praise" up. This is the 

small blue bike's original design, stunning appearance under the impeccable internal.

1 look forward to see the spring north see

"Small blue bicycle into the user's view of this more than a month, although we have fully 

operational, but there are still many city users ask when we can experience our car, which is full 

of fire we can not delay the power, Blue is currently riding on the market the best light-sport 

cycling allows more users to experience as soon as possible, and enjoy the ride we bring happiness.

 "Little Blue Bicycle co-founder Li Gang said with some excitement. From Shenzhen to Nanjing, four 

cities, small blue bicycle more than in their efforts to honor their "fifteen days a city" promise,

 but also hope to ride into life, so that more people accept this a "light sports" lifestyle, To 

participate in riding a healthy way of life in this way, at the same time for the overwhelmed urban

 environment out of a force, this is the small blue bike that the current share of the most 

meaningful bike place.

Winter to spring in February, small blue bike in turn which new city landing? Let us wait and see.

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