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Bluegogo Enter Beijing

Blue body, "tail" shaped smart lock, yesterday, the first Bluegogo small blue bike "appearance" 

Beijing street, Beijing has since November 22 last year, Shenzhen starting, the "young" bicycle 

brand landing Sixth city.

    With the current Beijing street has been shared bicycle brand compared to small bluegogo bike has 

its own product features. First of all, the frame light, high strength. Small blue bicycle frame 

with high strength, lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy pipe, while ensuring the strength of the light 

will be injected into the product. In addition, the professional level of the Italian silicone 

cushion, thick gecko handle, double-sided anti-skid pedal, adjustable seat tube, and the body of 

the accessories are comfortable design; tires are rubber tire with PU solid inner tube, At the same 

time can effectively degrade the sense of bumps. Speed unlocking technology. Using a more advanced 

algorithm, can be achieved within 3 seconds to unlock; at the same time, to ensure a safe brake 

brake system, the use of civil first level Tangze brakes, can be fast braking. These features are 

to ensure that the small blue bike ride comfort experience.


    It is reported that the use of small blue bike deposit of 99 yuan, 0.5 yuan per half hour in 

accordance with the standard fee, based on the operation of APP can be completed with the loan 

with the booking, booking and other functions, will meet the Beijing residents 1-5 km 

Short-distance travel needs for urban transport to bring convenience and green.

    After the first episode in Shenzhen in November last year, the small bluegogo bicycle has now 

entered six cities in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Foshan and Beijing, with over 160 

million platform users. In the provision of convenient city services at the same time, sharing the 

parking and civilized use of bicycles is also the focus of small blue cycling. In Beijing, small 

blue bike will also promote the establishment of standardized parking points, and actively promote 

the customs of customs

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