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Bluegogo Designed New Bike For Sharing System

Currently on the market share a lot of bicycle brands, which occupy the largest only ofo, worship 

and small blue three. In the people Tucao ofo, torture cycling riding uncomfortable, lack of GPS 

positioning module and intelligent lock communication module and other issues, the small blue bike 

suddenly released two next generation models. March 22, small blue cycling held a conference in 

Beijing, released the first variable speed shared bike bluegogo pro and concept models models 

bluegogo pro 2. This carbon fiber polymer to create products in both the design and characteristics 

of the small blue in the "shared bicycle" hardware design aspects of attainments, as well as lead 

the development of bicycle services to move forward high posture.

From the content shown at the press conference, bluegogo pro has the following new features:

① three variable speed. Bluegogo pro The world's first built-in Shimano (Shimano, a top bike part 

manufacturer from Japan) shared bicycles in three-speed transmissions. Shimano is also the first 

professional-grade transmission into the civilian-grade products.

② larger wheels. The bluegogo pro the appropriate adjustment of the body size, wheel size 

increased to 26 inches, more suitable for ordinary height of the user. Tire to use even the 

Department of PU inflatable maintenance-free tire, to further enhance the durability of the 


③ positioning more accurate. Through the co-development with Chihiro and Coretek, bluegogo pro for

 the first time using the Beidou ground reinforcement technology, so as to achieve the sub-level 

positioning system to solve the entire industry map to find the car is not allowed to the biggest 


Concept model bluegogo pro2 with the following new features:

① carbon fiber frame. Bluegogo pro 2 concept car with a lightweight, high strength, recyclable 

polymer carbon fiber frame. Its weight is only aluminum alloy 1/3, but the strength is 7 times. 

Bluegogo pro 2 is currently on the market with the first carbon fiber polymer materials shared 


② split design. The tube in the tube part of the use of a separate design, and the use of polymer 

composite materials, making bluegogo pro 2 become the only one recyclable material sharing cycle, 

but also easier to disassemble and maintenance.

③ 3D simulation cushion. It uses the Italian SelleRoyal 3D human body simulation cushion, unique 

tail-type spine and cushioning arc design, making the car in the face of complex road conditions 

can be better filter, enhance ride comfort.

④ integrated brake & wheel. Bluegogo pro 2 uses Shimano (Shimano, the top manufacturer of bicycle 

parts from Japan) to embed the brake in a way that minimizes the braking distance to 0.5 m. And 

the brake unit is hidden in the integrated magnesium alloy wheels, further reducing the force 

transmission loss.


For this "wind vane" level concept products, actually home "designer" platform for bluegogo pro 2 

designer - 90 after the cutting-edge designer Yi Chunhua conducted a brief interview. It is 

understood that, bluegogo pro 2 to break the traditional bike structure, the frame is divided into 

two, and in the models of the lines highlighted the design of the elements of power, the brake 

module is built into the round group, highlighting the body Of the simple and conducive to the late

 for the maintenance of manufacturers. Dimensional code is embedded in one of the molding of the 

fender, through the reflected light source can enhance the safety of night riding. Like the 

cushion, the set of contact with the user and other key points are used more comfortable material, 

for the user, the most direct feeling is riding more comfortable.

Today's shared cycling market competition intensified, free deposit, free riding fees have been 

vigorously promoted to share the daily necessities of the daily tricks. Free for the user is 

naturally a good thing, for manufacturers is a good way to gather users, but for users, the 

experience is the most important! Small blue bike through years of experience in repairer, 

pre-emptive launch of bluegogo pro and bluegogo pro2, seems to mean that in the future for a short 

period of time, sharing the tide of cycling technological innovation is coming soon. Obviously, 

small blue bike has come out on top!

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