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Bluegogo Bike Sharing Company

Small blue bike to become the recent collapse of the shared bicycle business, "the biggest card," one. And this has been the market as the third largest share of cycling brand business down, the entire shared bicycle market is undoubtedly has a strong symbolic significance. Some analysts pointed out that in theofo, worship the two strong competition, the shared Matthew effect bicycle industry more and more apparent, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker.

The winter bike sharing seems to come earlier than the cold air this year, a large number of follow-the-wind shared bicycle companies have closed down, shut down. Prior to the Wukong cycling, cho-cho and other cycling have closed down, and recently there are a small blue bike suddenly "dropped the chain", was heat transfer funds into crisis can not survive. Silence for a few days after the bustle, small blue bike founder and CEO Li Gang made an open letter last Thursday night, admitting "financing failure", "missed M & A", "financial deterioration" and other operational status quo. Experts point out that currently ofofo, worship the two strong competition, the sharing of clear effect of the bicycle industry further highlights the survival of small platforms in trouble.


Small blue bicycle disagreement storm

After Goku cycling, Machi cycling and other shared cycling companies closed down, the small blue bike was exposed to the crisis. The current small blue bike official website has been paralyzed, the hotline can not be connected, the official APP can not log in normally. On the night of November 16, Li Gang, founder and CEO of Little Blue Cyclone Silent for a few days, authored an open letter in which he said that from June onwards, the little blue bicycle seemed to have been cursed. He traveled to hundreds of foundations , But did not get a sum of money, the final small blue bike and beast riding deteriorating financial conditions, so that orders have been delayed. Li Gang said: "As a small blue bike and beast riding, as a CEO, I made a mistake ... ..." He believes that because of the error to determine the sharing bike "limit orders" the rhythm of implementation, resulting in a small blue half a million 600,000 The number of vehicles put far less than the previous two markets (worship and ofo).

mobike (2).jpg

At the same time, Li Gang said: "We will make every effort to restore and make up for the mistakes." We also announced cooperation with the guests on the trip. Allegedly, Baeksong will be fully authorized to operate a small blue bicycle future operation, the user can always use a small blue bike. After completing the technical docking, the deposit user will be free to use a small blue bike. "We will also increase scheduling with our guests and make more small blue bikes meet with you."

It is reported that the small blue bicycle closure rumors sustained fermentation is the cause of suspected small blue bicycle employees previously broke the news in the social platform, the company has announced the dissolution of the company HR is selling in the circle of friends office furniture, "95 into a new office furniture, fashion Simple, shot transfer. " Which alerted the media, soon the news about the small blue bicycle. Some media reports said the small blue bicycle has dissolved most of the staff, may leave a small part of the product technical staff, go to other companies. In addition, the other blue bicycle company founder and CEO Li Gang, another company, riding a small blue bicycle with the beast riding, in addition to executives, all the other employees were dismissed (dismissed). More media have rushed to the small blue bicycle company headquarters in Beijing and found that people have gone empty, the scene only part of the technical staff.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter to the Blue Blue public relations department to prove the person in charge, as of press time without response. At the same time, there are also many media outlets that have suddenly disappeared from the public relations department of the company that they kept in touch with before. Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that the small blue official microblogging November 10 this year, also released the latest information, said: "Small blue bicycle hand in hand with the game, take you on the second little blue bike, together through the second world! With a total value of 1 million luxury game packs, a large number of small blue bike APP delivery! "It seems that the company is still doing new business. However, a number of users have reported that there are fewer and fewer small blue-colored cars on the streets. In particular, it is not easy to find a small blue car. In particular, there are a lot of bad cars. "If you open a car and can not open a car, you can not ride it."


A number of shared cycling brands have been declared dead

In the shared bicycle bar, there are netizens sharing their full screen on the phone with a total of 24 cycling apps, including CCbike, Little Blue Cyclist, No. 7 Cyclist, Blackbird Cyclist, Harlow Cyclist, Ho Ching, Riding Point , Odd travel, small bicycle, cool odd bike, by your bike, tapping, panda cycling and so on. Many of them share the cycling brand already unknown whereabouts, it is estimated that because the company is too small, silently dead did not cause social concern. The small blue bike is different, was the market as the third largest share cycling brand.

Public information shows that the small blue bike officially landed on November 22 last year, one after another in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Beijing and other cities to carry out business. In January of this year, Blue Lamborghini announced the completion of A round of financing of 400 million yuan. It is led by Black Hole Capital and Zhixing Xingtong shares it with a valuation of up to 1 billion yuan. However, the Blue Cyclist began to show signs of financial strain after only 10 months of operation. March 22 this year, a small blue bicycle introduced a six-year privilege card, the cost of 199 yuan, as long as 6 days in the validity period of riding records and no deposit, 180 days after the full return. However, until September 22 this year, when the privileged card enters the current period, some users reflect the sudden rise of the small blue bicycle to the full-year privilege card, which will postpone the withdrawal of the user by half a year. Followed by a large area of funds broke out. It is reported that the current small blue bicycle was delinquent suppliers up to 200 million yuan, involving more than 70 suppliers, most suppliers are in arrears in the amount of 100 million yuan, some suppliers are owed money up to 8 million yuan.

In fact, the dilemma of a small blue bike is not uncommon. Since this year, shared bicycle brands with a certain business scale, such as Wukong cycling, cho-cho cycling, cool cycling, have died or died. Just in early November, Cool Cyclist also issued a license to operate after the outbreak of funding problems.

However, it is said that there is also a "hidden danger" of being a visitor to take over a small blue bike and a cool cyclist. According to publicly available information, visitors from Sichuan Baike Technology Co., Ltd. are mainly traveling in the region. They operate mainly in the southwestern regions of Sichuan, Guangxi and other regions. It is worth noting that the inquiry of the State Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System shows that Sichuan Beike Technology Co., Ltd. was listed in the "Business Anomaly List" by the Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce on May 15,


Share bicycle market "yellow orange" hegemony?

The departure of a small blue bike makes sharing bike market from the original yellow, orange and blue tripartite confrontation, evolved into a yellow, orange dominance. Some market observers pointed out that the Matthew effect of sharing the bicycle industry is more and more revealed, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker.

China Mobile Internet Big Data Monitoring Platform Trustdata recently released "2017 Q3 China Mobile Internet Development Analysis Report" shows: In the third quarter of 2017, the share of active users in the cycling industry overall increased to 34.36 million, an increase of 7.7% Some slow down, many small platforms are facing difficulties in living.

However, ofo continued its strong growth in terms of user size growth in the third quarter of the shared cycling industry, with subscriber growth at 2.5 times the growth rate. ofo monthly active subscribers increased to 18.6 million, an increase of 12.8% from the previous month, ranking No. 1 in the industry. Active monthly visitors posted an increase of 5.1% qoq, ranking No. 2 in the industry. The number of active users in other cycling platforms was less than that of No. 2 one tenth.

From the activity point of view, according to QuestMobile data, ofo9 monthly interest rates were 3.94%, an increase of nearly 16%, the highest share of the cycling industry; active worship Mozambique 3.75%, an increase of 5%, ranking the highest Second in the industry. Data comparison shows that ofo's active penetration growth rate is 3 times as much as worship.

From the total number of use point of view, Ereli in September data show that ofo monthly total usage increased to 1.74 billion times, the monthly total number of uses of worship increased to 880 million. Data comparison shows that in the monthly total number of uses in September, ofo 860 million times ahead of the lead, the total number of visits for nearly 2 times the worship. From the development trend of the past 4 months, OFO has the advantage of leading the user in the total frequency of use.

In terms of user brand awareness, Ai media in September data show that ofo ranked first in the industry with a 73.4% brand awareness, ranking second in the industry with 67.7% brand awareness and 31.3% in the Xiaoming bicycle brand rankings Third, the awareness of the remaining shared cycling brands is less than 30%.

In addition, Trustdata report also pointed out that currently ofo, Mo worship of the two strong competition situation, the shared bike industry clearing effect further highlights the survival of small platforms in trouble. However, looking at the industry as a whole, not only the penetration of cycling cities in second and third tier cities is still far behind that of traveling vehicles, there is still a huge market for overseas markets to tap. In other words, the second half of the competition will be the era of oligarchs to win, who is more popular brand, who services more users favor in order to eventually deposit the stock of users, continue to pull new.

Earlier data show that one of the orange duo ofo small yellow car day orders over 32 million, and connected to over 10 million shared bicycles, but for China and even the world's huge travel market, the market ceiling is still high . Constantly develop new markets and develop new users, is still a major task of sharing the bicycle industry. Therefore, this year, the two giants are trying hard to improve their products and services, even invariably introduced a monthly card riding and other low-cost promotional business pull new.

News memory

Those who disappear share bicycles

Goku bike

Although it is one of the earliest bicycle brands in Chongqing market, even before Wumei and ofo, Wukong bikes have the obvious disadvantage of coming into Chongqing after their arrival in Chongqing. In terms of funding, Wukong cycling partners to take the plan is to recruit individuals or small businesses in the form of crowdfunding bicycle to solve the problem of funds and regional operations, the price of each vehicle is 1,100 yuan, individuals or businesses can subscribe for the future available 70% of operating profit. However, because the project is not yet profitable, small and medium-sized businesses are reluctant to invest, resulting in a broken funding chain.

On June 13, Chongqing Warring States Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of Wukong cycling announced on its official Weibo that due to the adjustment of its corporate strategy, as of June 2017, it will officially end its support service for Wukong cycling and withdraw from the shared cycling market. At this point, Wukong cycling has also become the first company to completely withdraw from the industry.

Machi-cho bicycle

Ding Wei, the founder of Machi Cycling, is a "rich second generation." The parent company provided him with all the resources needed for a town-run bicycle as a blood transfusion and held the financial authority of the company with the parents while assisting someone in their operations management company.

Although it was the first company to share a bicycle in Nanjing, it came in immediately afterwards. Machi-cho There is simply no way to contend with this large capital for riding a bicycle. The number of bicycles paved for one month can reach 100,000, while the number of bicycles in Machi-cho has only been 10,000. Mountaineer, ofo car can go out to see, Machi-machi bicycle go left have to look for more. Big VCs basically voted to worship and ofo, and will not vote for other cycling companies. Ding Wei parents due to the company's financial chain breach back the debt, followed by the town-cycle is no financial transfusion. In June, Ding Wei's parents entered the detention center because of the financial disputes of the original company. Ding Wei was detained in the near future for investigation. In August, all the office supplies at Machi-machi bicycle front office and office were evacuated. Someone called metro-machi cycling service, the two service calls are unanswered. In the business system, cho-cho was included in the "abnormal business directory."

Financial observation

Sharing cycling is actually a "burn" economy

People remember, just a few months ago, a variety of colors shared bicycles have appeared in the streets, red, yellow, blue, pink, green, orange ... ... All users to lead ridicule, to remind entrepreneurs seize the time Field, I am afraid that the color is not enough. However, after a autumn wind, the color of the shared bicycle on the street suddenly disappeared. Most people who ride on the crotch are parked in yellow and orange bicycles.

For the shared bicycle market after a brief boom quickly shuffled into the stage of the phenomenon, market observers, sharing cycling is actually a "burn money" economy, a bike cost from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, the need Companies invest a lot of money to be able to snatch the market and maintain its business. Which company has enough funds to master, it is a big chance of winning. However, sharing a bicycle is a very lossy industry. Bicycles put on the market, whether natural or malicious damage, will face incalculable losses for the enterprise. The bicycle damage can only rely on continue to put new bicycles to make up, which formed a vicious circle, for the financial strength of enterprises is not a small test.

More crucially, the sharing of bicycles so far has not yet identified a profit point, both large and small businesses have not concluded on the profit. And that rent of 1 yuan per hour or even 5 cents can hardly be regarded as a profit. Under these preconditions, all enterprises are still "burning money." Own lack of hematopoietic capacity, blindly use external funds to operate, once the external funds stop, the entire business will collapse. For the sharing of bicycle companies, not enough money is difficult to sustain the development.

Today, the bike sharing track, has begun to enter the stage of clearance. Worship and ofo as the first echelon of the enterprise, both using the advantages of capital and resources, continue to vigorously expand their market share. The second tier team shuffling intensified in late October of this year, Wing On Bank and Harrow cycling way to merge Baotuan heating for survival. As for the third echelon, they may only face the exit, collapse. "When the tide receded, we knew who was swimming naked," Buffett's famous quote is appropriate for these shared cycling companies who are experiencing a cold winter.

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