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Big plate who have to grab, share the bike start-up company to follow the continuation of the territory, Beijing Avenue and ushered in a new shared bicycle brand - small blue bike. In Beijing, the battleground of the soldiers, motorcycles cycling and ofo the battle of another round, in addition to start-up company routines, small blue bikes want to stand up and do not have much emboldened.

Talk about ambition

Share the bike of the Dongfeng quickly blown into the winter in winter, to participate in one of the start-up companies is unable to wait to show muscle. Following the new round of financing again, the small blue bike has also announced in January this year, won the black hole capital leadership, intellectual star with 40 million yuan to invest A round of investment, and revealed the progress of the B round of financing The situation will be announced in mid-March.

Announced the financing at the same time, small blue bike has finally entered the Beijing market. It is reported that small blue bike on February 21 officially entered the Beijing market, has been put in the Chaoyang District and Dongcheng District, according to the delivery plan is expected in mid-March will reach 50,000.

Last year in November, when bluegogo began to use, its CEO Li Gang said, "next year in March decisive battle of the top." This is a great opportunity to have to be heavily loaded on the small blue bike to be shared in the field of cycling Uber. He believes that the development of shared bicycle industry is too fast, the end of 2017 may end the fighting.

"For the Beijing market, we all say that we are late, but in our view, the hair is not necessarily a disadvantage, because the sharing of bicycles do not involve," said Chen Huaiyuan, a small blue bike new CSO (responsible for strategy and financing) Traffic entry problems, the price is almost the same time, the car is enough, as long as the quality of the bike is very good, and better ride, consumers will choose to use. This is in some extent the advantages of late, because Understand that you can use a longer time to polish the product. "

According to the data provided by the small blue bike, from November 22 last year, small blue bike officially entered the field of sharing bicycles in Shenzhen so far, has been in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Foshan to open operations. At present, five operating cities have achieved 150,000 vehicles, the cumulative number of users 2.53 million, the average daily unlock 830,000, the maximum unlocking 1.17 million times.

Talk about feelings

Li Gang also has another identity - Beast riding CEO. Beast riding is a smart riding industry in the field of start-up companies. Small blue bike is November 2016 Beast riding announced the acquisition of 150 million yuan B round of financing when the formal stripped out, but also won the first round of the Beast Fund investment.

In explaining the core values of the beast riding, Li Gang stressed the "love". He has said that because of the promotion of capital, the bicycle circle becomes more and more impetuous, many people join for a variety of reasons, but with the passage of time, only those who really love, really study the product, really meet the user's Business can survive. Perhaps adhering to this value, Li Gang insisted that the small blue bike is not simply sharing the bike, but a "light movement" brand.


But the emergence of small blue bike is not early, more like a tide from the wave of shared bicycles. "It's hard to come up with this opportunity ... we'll be All-in." Li Gang had predicted that in March 2017, the top ten battles were basically to come.

At present, the share of the number of vehicles in the bicycle industry is 10 million orders of magnitude. Small blue bike has a self-built factory, at the same time with the 6-8 cooperation factories are closely linked, claiming to control the global city bike 10% of the production capacity, with an annual capacity of 3 million -500 million. Back to do the bike riding a bike ride, small blue bike has the ability to solve the problem of production capacity, which is its source of self-confidence.

Fight strength

Bluegogo use deposit of 99 yuan, 0.5 yuan per half hour in accordance with the standard fee paid by downloading App use mobile phone scanning code can be completed with the ride with the ride, booking by car and other business. Beijing newspaper reporter to download the small blue bike App experience found that App and other shared bicycle market is not much difference, ride comfort is also very good, but the number of bicycles is not much.

Bluegogo in Beijing has just begun to run, the face of the streets of Mount Biji with ofo yellow car, the pressure is not small. It is understood that the current Mobike and ofo in Beijing, the amount of traffic has been more than 100,000.

Beijing Business Daily reporter on the small blue bike and competitive products between the difference and the recent schedule and other information asked the blue cycling public relations officer Lu Ming, but as of the other party did not give any reply.

Analysys Internet travel research center research director, senior analyst Zhang Xu believes that the number of bicycles for Beijing is not yet saturated, there is a certain space. However, the carved bicycles and ofo will not put this space over hand. "It is foreseeable that the small blue bike if you want to win the rest of the market in Beijing need to pay the cost and cost will be far more than the two giants, especially in brand promotion and more to spend their minds.

The end of last year also stressed that the market is three small cycling cycling now seems to have changed. Chen Huaiyuan that "this is a top five markets, when the city, the supply chain, the user's choice will be saturated, the market will get along with the more stable mode, the user needs, the strength of each player, the market saturation, The quality of the ride experience and the use of funds will determine which users choose ".

Zhang Xu also agreed with the top five markets, he stressed that the future of the most important part of the market competition or operation. The current time for the market participants is very valuable, even if there is capacity of the small blue bike is not necessarily made after the system, "Beast riding and small blue bike from the user group does not overlap, fight production capacity is not necessarily In a favorable position. Recently, another stationed in Beijing Yongan cycling from a pile into the pile is still at a disadvantage can explain this point.

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