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Bluegogo Are Going To Enter Sydney

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Recently, the Sydney municipal government is on the Beijing small blue bike smart rental mobile phone application software settled in Sydney to discuss the relevant issues, and in the relevant areas of the feasibility of bicycle sharing.

Sydney City Mayor Crawford Moore said the Sydney municipal government strongly supported the idea of sharing bicycles. However, since the Sydney municipal government and the NSW government have not yet decided which level of government should be responsible for the sharing of bicycle services, and the Sydney-based dedicated route network has not yet been completed, the relevant discussions and studies are still in the initial stage The The final outcome of the discussion is expected to be announced in the middle of this year.


According to "Sydney Morning Herald" reported that the Beijing small blue cycling company recently proposed to the Sydney municipal government to develop a public bike smart rental mobile phone applications to achieve "less traffic, healthier society, happier Sydney" this A target. Through this software, users only need to spend $ 0.99 can rent 30 minutes of a small blue bike. At the same time, the small blue cycling company also hopes that the Sydney municipal government can be in the relevant road and subway station division of the bicycle parking spaces for small blue cycling to reduce the traffic pressure on each section.

On this offer, Sydney Mayor Moore said the concept of bicycle sharing has been widely promoted in more than 1,000 cities around the world, and this will also serve the 1.2 million people who visit Sydney every day. Moore pointed out that cycling can provide more driving people and space for people who need to drive, reduce air and noise pollution, fill the gaps in public transport services, but also help to improve people's physical fitness. As a result, the Australian federal, state and municipal governments have set their own strategic objectives to increase the number of cyclists in the city.

Moore said that according to the experience of other Australian cities, due to the lack of safe riding facilities and imperfect riding helmet compulsory law, people choose to travel the probability of being greatly reduced. Moore expects the New South Wales government to cooperate actively with the Sydney municipal government to build a safe ride dedicated road network, bicycle dedicated storage points and other basic public facilities, so that bicycle sharing as soon as reality.

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