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Sharp-eyed people may find that recently, in addition to the "small orange car" Moabai cycling and "yellow car" ofo shared bicycles, the blue line on the road bluegogo also gradually more up. Convenient, cheap, this type of shared bicycle products are indeed changing a lot of people travel the last few kilometers commute way. Before that, the last few kilometers, many people either choose to spend more time walking, or forced to choose fast but safe and expensive tricycle, comprehensive cost, efficiency and security, are not as convenient as riding.

But many in the ride or keep the habit of walking: riding a car, listening to songs, dragging a long headset line, ear headphones and completely isolated from the outside world, think of all feel horror. For those who love riding and like to listen to songs, a bone conduction headphones is the best choice.

Bone conduction headphones leading brand - AfterShokz is currently working with bluegogo small blue bike, to carry out "Little Blue Bike Pro version of the first riding activities." From now until March 16th, inviting new users to register the top 25 fans, will be invited to participate in the first experience, but also get the value of 898 yuan AfterShokz Shao tone Trekz Titanium. This cooperation first carried out in Shenzhen, the future will gradually expand to other parts of the country. The two sides of this cooperation is not a coincidence, the two brands to share this innovative city of Shenzhen, a variety of resources in their respective areas after the success of the inevitable time will meet at the right time.


AfterShokz's bone conduction headphones and all other headphones, the sound through the temporal bone directly to the auditory nerve, rather than through the tympanic membrane and the inner ear, so do not use the ear into the ear, just put the headset in front of the ear can be. Fundamentally solve the problem can not hear the sound of the external environment, at the same time, for the protection of hearing is also helpful. As a result, AfterShokz Muskey's bone conduction headphones are now running, riding and other lovers as a must into the equipment. And this cooperation with the bluegogo small blue bike, but also allow more users to experience the experience of AfterShokz song bone conduction headphones.

Not only that, this afterShokz mao to bluegogo small blue bike to provide prizes Trekz Titanium or the current bone conduction headphones in the flagship product. This product uses the aviation metal titanium alloy made of the skeleton, both lightweight and ensure sufficient strength, even if the random bending will not be damaged, but also to reduce the wear when wearing a sense of increased comfort. In terms of sound quality, Trekz Titanium achieves sound performance comparable to that of mainstream headphones with patented technology "dual suspension system" and "silence". Dual microphone noise reduction ensures a clear call quality even in noisy outdoors. At the same time, Trekz Titanium also reached the IP55 waterproof standard, not only to prevent perspiration immersion, even in the rainy day can also be used normally.

AfterShokz mao and bluegogo cooperation, but also on behalf of the hardware technology innovation in Shenzhen, where the vitality of the city. Bluegogo predecessor - Beijing Beast riding company, in particular, chose Shenzhen instead of Beijing as the first layout of the city, eyes unique. Shenzhen now everywhere blue bike scene, and Shenzhen's innovative atmosphere, the young population, the city is closely related to vitality. Rooted in Shenzhen afterShokz mao, as the world leader in bone conduction headphones brand, but also long-term benefit from the Shenzhen city vitality, vertical resources, young population.

I believe that with the gradual popularization of shared bicycles, there will be more people like to ride the sport. And AfterShokz sound conduction headphones as "the most suitable for cycling sports headphones", will also be more users know, understand and love.

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