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Like that year's buy, take-away, car war, sharing behind the bike investors and market forces are very large, the merger is also a big probability event. But now, the worship, ofo, Haro cycling, coupled with the drop of the incoming seems to have plunged into the "four countries melee."

Side of the worship and ofo has been "merged", while the attack on the Haro cycling, now by default has been "dead" Small blue bike seems to have another comeback trend.

January 2, 36 KRY reported today that Dripper has recently completed its acquisition of Little Blue and has signed a takeover agreement. In addition, the droplet is being hatched within the shared bike business, internal code-named "Begonia."

"Droplet and small blue have been in contact lately, and as I understand it, both parties may have started to talk about acquisitions by November, only recently," said an insider, who told 36Kr. In this regard, the investment community interview Drip PR Department, the other said no comment.

In addition, insiders revealed to the investment community that there will be official news later on. Specific information is not disclosed, but means a small blue bike.

Small blue bicycle revived? Sharing a bicycle ushered in the "four killed"

"Sell" small blue, usher Panxian?

Small blue bike user experience, it is worth praising. The reason without him, all "particularly good ride." But in the face of strong opponents and brutal industries, "user experience" can not be called a winning magic. Some media once broke the news that due to the funding chain problem, Li Gang once put hope in the Wing On Bank, Moai and ofo after the failed round B financing of up to 400 million U.S. dollars, hoping that the latter could acquire a small blue bicycle but in the end all Did not reach.

You know, small blue into the shared cycling market, the worship and ofo have received four and five rounds of financing, including the four rounds of financing total has more than 1 billion yuan. There are many investors behind them, such as Tencent, Didi and Xiaomi, as well as such top-tier agencies as Jingwei China, Sequoia Capital China, Bertelsmann, and Innovation Works.

Almost all domestic investment institutions and investors are focusing on the worship and ofo body, the time and the window is not reserved for later. It is also for these reasons that the $ 100 million Series B financing that Blue Blue originally planned to complete in April has not been realized.

Looking back on the last round of financing, in the financing of the sharing industry, speed, the small blue bike for the first time is the only financing or early last year. The investment community has also reported that in February 2017, Little Blue announced a $ 400 million Series A round of financing with a valuation of 1 billion yuan. It is led by Black Hole Capital, Star with vote.

Li Gang said, "Small blue bike is not a simple bike sharing, but a 'light campaign' brand."

Officials said that within three months, the small blue bicycle in the five cities to operate 150,000 vehicles, a total number of 2.53 million users, the average daily unlock 830,000 times, the maximum unlock 1. 117 million. Half a year, a total of 600,000 vehicles put up, the highest daily more than 300 million orders, 20 million registered users.

Later, Li Gang and Sina science and technology interview several times in an external release, "in mid-April and strive to do share cycling capital No.1", "July and August under a few rain, some brands of cars is likely to rust on the waste "...

Then, not too much then.

Li Gang also said in an open letter: "From June onwards, it seemed as if the Little Blue bicycle was cursed, the first publicity accident early in the month affected a big financing and a potential merger and acquisition. The capital market was going down sharply and I traveled hundreds of times Fund, received numerous praise on the product and team, but all this did not get a sum of money, hit my last minute pride.

Drops into the office, sharing a bike "four killed"?

Currently, ofo has made at least eight rounds of financing, Dribble participated in four rounds of financing, and in April will ofo access to the App, the user can directly use the ofo services on the drop.

According to media reports, such as financial news, drops accounted for about 30% of the shares, but the rift between the two sides is a flaw. This is no secret. As early as November of this year, several executives stationed in OFO returned to the droplet. A drop insider disclosed to 36KN that the return of several people was particularly sudden with no indication. At that time, he thought both parties There have been major contradictions between.

There are news broke the news, Didi recently rejected Dewey's decision, which involves new business and acquisitions, "there are differences at the board level." So, drops into the bicycle industry, a bicycle alone is not unexpected.


From the beginning of September last year, investors of ofo and prostitutes began to sound one after another, believing the merger was inevitable. In December last year, at the annual meeting of Chinese business leaders, Zhu Xiaohu was asked about the merger of ofo and worship had said: "In the industry has not reached its peak when the merger requires a certain pattern of great wisdom ... and then to fight consumption The battle is pointless. "In the Equity Investment Forum hosted by Zero2IPO, Wang Gang, a famous angel investor, also said:" We hope the merger of OFO and MOM will also lead to the dominance of the merger. "

In the market has been saturated, the basic pattern of the industry has been set, behind the investors are hoping to promote the merger of worship and cycling. Prior to the "Financial News" also reported that the drop is also an important contributor to the merger, the drop is actively contributing to the worship and OFO merging during the year, so as to avoid the spread of antitrust filings.

Coupled with the recent, but also get 1 billion Harrow bike. This is also the first round of financing after the Haro cycling and Wing On Bank low-carbon mergers in late October. After this round of financing, ants gold clothing promoted to the largest shareholder, in addition to the ant gold clothes hado ofo. It is also worth mentioning that, according to incomplete statistics, Ali surpassed Tencent and became the largest gold owner in the field of shared bicycles.

As of the end of 2017, Harrow has entered more than 150 cities, with 88 million registered users and more than 10 million daily orders. In addition, it has entered more than 140 scenic spots. It is the first bicycle operator in China that enjoys the highest degree of activity in the industry.

Like that year's buy, take-away, car war, sharing behind the bike investors and market forces are very large, the merger is also a big probability event. But now, the worship, ofo, Haro cycling, coupled with the drop of the incoming seems to have plunged into the "four countries melee."

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