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Bike Sharing System With Gps Lock

More than 100,000 shared bicycles flocked to Guangzhou, more and more people "riding" on the road, 

while more and more people appreciate the "hard cycling": the last second, you may ride in the 

river to enjoy Scenery, feel and city integration, the next second, your eyes may be a "broken road

", you must turn through a motor vehicle parking lot, and then back to the main road. (January 3, "

Southern Metropolis Daily")

In 2016, "shared bicycle" became a hot technology word. In the mobile Internet and innovation and 

entrepreneurship under the dual drive to yellow orange blue and green colors as the representative 

of the shared cycling, one after another in the north and other cities Guangshen strong flowering, 

cycling trip once again become a fashion. Can be followed, is derived from the various problems. 

How to allow the sharing of bicycles Cheong Hang in their own way, so as soon as possible to get 

through the city, "the last mile" is a question worthy of our consideration. Only the rapid 

expansion of shared bicycle network, and the lack of city "hardware and software support", the 

shared economy even if the concept of fit and healthy travel, but also doomed to a flash in the 


There is no doubt that shared bicycle turned out to clean the urban environment, has an 

unparalleled advantage. With the use of riding, online payment of convenience, energy saving,

 health, green economy, can quickly capture people. But once we ride a bicycle walking on the road

, a serious lack of public facilities, will pull us back to reality. For a long time, almost all 

the road resources allocated to the use of cars, intentionally or unintentionally, or neglected to 

squeeze the cycling space. The rise of shared cycling is the old bike to catch the Internet Express

, at the same time with the momentum of rapid re-enter the public view. The spread of the Internet 

"to open a shared bicycle App a position, hundreds of cars in the urban management compound get 

together," then also points out the development of shared bicycle facing the bottleneck.

More than 100,000 shared bicycles flocked to Guangzhou more and more people "riding" on the road, 

while more and more people appreciate the "hard bike." Riding a short distance of five kilometers 

to work, we must go through retrograde, motor vehicle mixed line, passers-by Road, Duantou Lu all 

kinds of wonderful experience. Cycling and pedestrians, and motor vehicles for road rights 

situation, not only weakened the convenience of sharing a bicycle, but also increased the risk of 

travel. It is not difficult to see, the public mouth of the so-called "really difficult", in fact 

difficult to "unreasonable distribution of road rights" difficult "slow traffic system is not 

complete", resulting in shared bicycle and city compatibility.

To eliminate the embarrassment encountered in the process of sharing the bike, you need to 

optimize the city slow system of the overall pattern. Copenhagen, Denmark, the revitalization and 

development of urban bike traffic system of the strategy and experience, it is worth learning from.

 For example, the development of active bike traffic policy, a solid financial security and 

supporting laws and regulations. Annual investment in bicycle infrastructure, urban road 

infrastructure investment accounted for 25% -33%. Second, the bike not only to share the right way,

 but also to ensure the safety of the case, give the bike full priority. Third, the hardware 

support, in Copenhagen, road junctions have bicycle crossing facilities, dedicated signal. The 

Government also encourages owners to switch from motorized parking spaces to bicycle parking 

spaces in densely populated residential and office areas.

In the hardware supporting tends to improve at the same time, should also deal with a few do not 

say the rules of "disorderly stop disorderly" violations increase penalties. Looking at the country

 to vigorously promote the city to share bicycles, the car parked in the blind road, positioning 

are not allowed to find the car, parking chaos caused by road closure and other conditions is not 

isolated cases. Operators send high hopes for "illegal violation of credit deduction points, deduct

 more punitive fees" credit model, for another mobile phone re-registered users in terms of no 

deterrent to speak of. That is to say, in the technical level and the cost of illegal, yet to be 

improved or standardized.

If you want to truly become the city of the bicycle "capillaries", only to the reasonable use of 

public space and road rights, and the public voluntarily comply with the rental rules for the "

drive wheel", shared bicycle industry can achieve sustainable development, Supervision, public 

sharing, the need to form a joint force, based on long-term and overall situation, providing an 

indispensable driving cycle for the bicycle chain

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