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Bike Sharing Company Bluegogo Are Going To Enter Seattle

On August 15th, Bluegogo side told 36 krypton, the next step the company will be out to the sea of Seattle. Delivery mode is still using the joint venture model, that is, local operators responsible for the operation, bluegogo to provide cycling, brand and technology. Bluegogo also revealed that the initial volume will not be too much, will be put part of the trial operation, and then according to the situation and then put in batches. August 9, bluegogo has announced that the company will accelerate the pace of the sea, the future will be stationed in 10 countries around the world nearly 30 cities. And as early as January and July this year, bluegogo has entered the United States of San Francisco and Sydney, Australia. In addition to small blue cycling, the worship of, ofo, white cycling, Yibai cycling, etc. are also actively expanding overseas.

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