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Although the share of the current bicycle business and some only in the first-tier cities have investment, and some have only just entered the public from the campus market, the market share of the development of bike, Market, although the pace of their development is relatively slow, but it caused a lot of crazy capital blessing. Investors lineup of luxury, comparable to the year of the taxi market.bicycle gps lock

Shared bike app development where to go?

As the share of the taxi has just started, and now that the size of the market is also premature, and now the players are not many, the future will be more companies to join, and now said the size of the market is still too early.stationless bike sharing system

The reason why the sharing of bicycles will be attracted by many investors, mainly because the platform can be achieved through the closed-loop travel company, the key to activate the user activity. So the direction of its development is also excited on the user gps lock

Evaluation of the newsletter is a professional to do the APP quotation platform, but to understand the APP development industry market friends may know that as a mobile phone APP software quotes, APP must be developed to understand the function points, the development cycle and equipped with the technology Developers, these factors have affected the development of APP prices.

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