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Bike, Just Right Of The "smart"

Overall, the technical level of intelligent bike + chi energy, not very high technical threshold. 

However, on a bicycle in what way to reasonably reflect "smart", but is more technical things, 

which may be able to recognize the key market and sustained growth.

If the first back to the origin of the bicycle.

According to the above classification rider, I am a professional sports rider, I love the bike, 

because my bike is entirely driven by the control of high-efficiency machines. But I do not exclude

similar safety lock, integrated lights, clear navigation interface (see Figure 3), and keep records

 and automatically analyzes the motion data and images travel, even to avoid subjective judgments 

or because traffic conditions prompt corrective mechanism or unexpected risks. I believe that the 

other two riders will be on top of these "smart" functions have their own choice, but more or less 


The intelligent design and how the right should be reflected, this is a problem. My tendency is: 

Do not over-modification has become a classic bike body double diamond structure (DuBike excessive 

tube frame design with parallelogram structure, whether or ergonomic robustness on, will not be my 

choice ), even if it is possible to attract a commuter cyclists, but also to keep the bike light 

and fast (do not use hub dynamo, only to let the front wheel steering and rotation heavier, but 

more from a modular perspective solve the problem. more users to try and existing equipment, such 

as mobile phones, watches and even mobile power to connect, integrate, such as a mobile phone 

display instruments can be jammed, combining light and tips integrated handlebar with intelligent 

voice recognition watch, augmented reality smart glasses do combine ......

This question is like a "smart" TV, as a consumer, you are wanting to buy a TV box with integrated 

integrated TV? Or buy a good TV set-top box matched with a network?

Finally, the "cake" the biggest piece of children - for commuters, plus an auxiliary power unit, 

intelligently judge commuters because of fatigue, uphill, weather need help, or simply to produce 

"smart" electric Bicycle and continue to say before we combine navigation, weather notice, motion 

data recording function, is still probably a promising thing.

Do not start thinking about the background of cloud services, sports data collection, the first 

product to do. Do not be too rigidly adhere to the traditional form of the bicycle, two wheels may 

be able to forget and exposed body, can meet the needs of the market is like.

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