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Bicycle Industry Accelerate Towards Smart

With the "Internet +", intelligent hardware, wearable device prevailed, in strong social capital 

into the background, more and more groups of young entrepreneurs started to pay attention and 

enter the bicycle industry, innovation and development of traditional industries continued 

injection power. This exhibition, the Shanghai Creative Industry Center planned to join the 

organizing committee co-organized the "Innovation Demonstration Exhibition" exhibited the same 

period, the focus "new generation, new technologies, new models," the bike Internet start-ups.

This show, like with cutting-edge design, innovative concepts to create novelty, intelligent 

lightweight bike is popular: the architects, lighting designers, bike product manager, senior 

media people and other cities to build bicycle brand wkup, having senior IT experience in product 

development of the Electronics launched electric car brand BESV, music, as the super bike, 700bike 

release of "Galaxy" folding ...... in the interview, many exhibitors said that after the Internet 

technology and capital in, the traditional bicycle industry It is undergoing profound changes: In 

the past do not fight innovation that price, manufacturers do not make money, unsustainable 

industrial development. Now, security, navigation, sensors, vehicles and other smart technology is 

accelerating interactive applications, industry usher in a new space for development.

Chinese Cycling Association official said, these young bicycle by the business groups "new 

generation" technology brings fission "new technology" and Model Innovation "new model", under 

the Chinese bicycle industry transformation and upgrading of the environment, it has become not 

neglect of trend and fashion.

Intelligent products to attract attention

In the context of increasing downward pressure on the economy, the Chinese bicycle industry is also

in the running phase adjustment, transformation. China Bicycle Association data show that in 2015 

China's bicycle production was 80.26 million, down 3.36%; electric bicycle production was 32.57 

million, down 8.28%. Bicycle vehicle exports 57.461 million, down 8.3%; exports of $ 3.45 billion, 

down 2.6%.

Nevertheless, this show of Chinese and foreign exhibitors enthusiastic, still showing a steady 

intake trend. According to the organizing committee statistics show, this show attracted a total 

of 1321 new and old exhibitors, of which nearly 250 new exhibitors, 18% of the total number of 

exhibitors. Especially outdoor riding equipment exhibitors enthusiasm, compared with last year 

increased by 33%, ranking gains top position in numerous exhibits category.

Outdoor riding product sales, showing the rise of bicycle young consumers. On UCC exercise bike 

stand, some young viewers are queuing up to experience the company's new smart bike. After a few 

minutes of riding, immediately in front of the large screen display of the data of the rider. 

Many cycling enthusiasts around the front of the screen, comparative analysis of technical 

indicators, learn "riding skills." "Products to attract young and trendy crowd, we must develop 

more riding fun. Only life experience combined with young consumers, continue to extend the 

product features in order to provide better service." UCC exercise bike marketing director Yang 

Wen smart bike upcoming prospects are very promising.

Development of smart technology, so that cycling is not only fashion a healthy lifestyle, but also 

for young consumers and cycling enthusiasts to provide another social platform. 

Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou West Cloud Journey Chilean road vehicles can achieve interactive, 

social entertainment capabilities, as long as the cloud Journey APP map according to their 

preferences (age, sex, sign, blood type, etc.) with the search for car users, when comparing the 

two vehicles apart when the short distance will automatically handlebar vibration, but also 

high-frequency handlebar lights flashing prompt the other side, with "wisdom lane" to make new 


Structural adjustment to achieve results

Intelligent products to attract young consumers, has become the main direction of the traditional 

old enterprise restructuring and development. In the show, the reporter learned that, Giant, Flying

Pigeon, permanent, Phoenix and other well-known domestic enterprises, have launched a high-tech 

smart or bike riding outdoor products, to attract the attention of young consumers. Limited car 

industry marketing manager Wang Zhiguo told reporters in Tianjin Flying Pigeon, Dove and music, as 

the joint effort to build a super bike, was completed last October production, this product is the

use of a large number of smart technology, there are only more than 20 patents.

"The first machine, the control zone, the handle control area, lighting system, intercom, sensors, 

intelligent power management system of the seven modules will provide users subversive riding 

experience. Fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth camera, a key to lock your car aPPLIED car intercom 

and other new technologies greatly enhance the riding safety and convenience. "Wang Zhiguo, 

pointing to the booth super bike familiar," At present, online product sales, as consumers buy too 

warm , has been in short supply. "Wang Zhiguo said that young consumers have become the main 

bicycle consumer groups, such as Dove incumbents original consumer age structure is too large, 

positive Dove products make great efforts to promote younger, with new technology new experience 

for more young people to accept the old domestics.

In addition to smart bike, at the mall, the district where the common scooter lithium, lithium 

wheelbarrow Motor Show in recent years also been consumer concern. Show organizing committee, this 

year especially enthusiastic lithium business registration, registration number of a 25% increase 

over last year. Exhibitors said these two models because the portable, long-lasting battery life 

and other advantages, or will become a popular new option for the future of entertainment. China 

Bicycle Association data also confirmed this view: in 2015, lithium battery electric bicycles 

annual production of 2.92 million, although down 2.99%, but the proportion of total production 

further increased to 9 percent, an increase of nearly one percentage point. Electric bicycle 

export 1.339 million, an increase of 20.4%; exports 510 million US dollars, an increase of 15.5%.

Chinese Cycling Association official said, the whole industry in a transition adjustment, on 

behalf of the industry to upgrade the direction of lithium car to achieve such results, it is not 

easy. It exports and bicycle race car exports increased by 41.4%, as showing the bicycle industry 

structure adjustment is being made new achievements.

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