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Artificiall Change Cycling Life

Artificial intelligence can give us a ride life bring what? Smart cycling will take this chance to get a qualitative leap it? 

Speaking of smart bike, riders before recall some of the most entrepreneurial team to break out a cold signs are tempted - pseudo-demand, does not immediately take heart smart bike ride no method to solve the pain points in the process, but with the progress of artificial intelligence, we have reason to believe that the future of smart bike riding can be solved in the process of problem from all aspects, to achieve truly intelligent.

So,now let's start to open (yi) brain dong (yin), what issues can be resolved the future of smart bike?

1, body analysis data recording, data collection through various contacts with human contact, data integration stampede before the rider, a holistic approach to develop a personal training program, and to remind the rider's limit data in cycling process, to prevent excessive movement.

2, navigation and road conditions analysis, the optimal solution to integrate route (currently Baidu map seems to still put people on underworld pit), voice navigation, and even today there are colleagues in accordance with the best navigation tips handlebar steering. Pavement will be on the road slope analysis or tips as well as the degree of turbulence condition, in case of emergency, it may be too late to take the reaction to provide solutions to mankind.

3, body safety, security on this issue seems to have troubled many people, as I say, your car does not seek death close it? The installation of a fingerprint to unlock, had to have a needle-type cameras observe and analyze mention the car's behavior, it is determined that the thief after thief can automatically collect identity information, but also to the police car insurance uncle do a good thing.

4, other small accessories design, along with other parts of the design, the automatic transmission (but most people still feel like machinery), automatic detection of tire pressure, retractable fender and so on depending on the weather and road conditions.

5, equipped with smart personal equipment further expansion

If the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the future is bound to transform the traditional and old-fashioned bicycle industry (allegedly an entrepreneurial team, then surgery, first borrowed under), that is, from the production, testing and selling a series of improvements. Perhaps after car sales shop is no longer necessary labor, factory production to replace all machines (the current electronics industry factories have been trying, of course, intelligence is not high enough). Products from the first day of production to sell out and then riding the consumer process, machine manufacturers can track and has been a steady stream of feedback, data collection and analysis, are looking for comfortable geometric shapes in the next version of the product design, more attractive human appearance ......

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