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After The Smart Car, The Bicycle Will Be The Next Field Of Intelligence?

Recently, the topic of science and technology circle on bicycle hot again. First, a long time after leaving the state president of Digital Xiangdong some remarks about the bicycle business to go around, then Baidu also confirmed that the operating system being developed bike, and will launch at the end of the first equipped with intelligent systems bicycles. Prior to this, millet Lei Jun, president of a bicycle on the microblogging also attracted everyone's guess. In today's intelligent devices speed up the layout, whether the bike like a car that will embrace science and technology, the answer is inevitable, but its intelligent road was worth further consideration.

 Intelligent inevitable choice under the Trend

As in recent years, the popularity and development of mobile Internet, the Internet is the next few years to speed things forward, smart TV, smart home in recent years is the emergence of this trend represents a fusion. The next few years is not just household items, all human necessities are likely to be intelligent. Transportation, too, as one of modern human life necessary items, the vehicle itself is a great invention, it replaces the first manned animals this ancient way to travel, and then turn the concept of space reduced significantly it shortens the travel time, we can say it is an era of industrial civilization of human invention appears significant vehicle. With modern society gradually into the Internet age, the industrial age in the past, not only the product of the age of electricity will not be eliminated, but may be given new life.

Intelligent vehicles has made some progress in the past two years, the major brands of cars become more and more intelligent configuration, the two Internet giants Apple and Google have also developed a vehicle of intelligent systems. The bike may seem on the surface compared with the car even more original, after all, is driven by manpower, but we must not forget its biggest intelligence role and purpose is to try to liberate people's hands and feet, alleviate human burden. From this perspective, the future of smart bike is not surprising, it all just an inevitable choice under the trend that appears, if you deny the law of development, it may be ruthless elimination faced.

Inspiration Bainianhuanfa tournament brought

When it comes to cycling, there is a not open around the topic that has century-old Tour de France, Tour de France bicycle fans are no doubt an annual event, but it also represents the most advanced technology in the field bike achievements and development trends. In fact, for the Tour de France, the application of high-tech devices are nothing new. In the Tour de France race live and post-match analysis of data from the players' training and then race to race, it has been included a wealth of scientific and technological elements. 13 onwards, the official Tour de France and Google Maps cooperation introduced a high-tech training bike, this bike in front of a monitor can display cycling routes, as well as potholes data, while also bike segment Depending on the road tilted up or down 20%, and even drag the data can be used to simulate a real outdoor riding scenes.

And now each team's race car game equipment and is armed to the teeth. From the traditional race suit, helmet, glasses to the current GPS, car camera, radio communication equipment, data monitoring equipment, scientific and technological content of the Tour de France in fact alarmingly high. Early as 56 years ago, the old and Bryton Garmin navigation brand and has been part of the Tour de France participating teams reached a cooperation, GPS fleet they offer in addition to the navigation features, you can also record traffic speed, trip distance, time, calories burned, altitude, and already has the technology to monitor heart rate via a wireless intercommunication drivers, while providing data sharing within 3 meters of technology to facilitate team always observe the physical condition of the players. And with advances in technology, in recent years, car navigation equipment has been developed to record forty kinds of motion data can even do real-time analysis and calculation of data for the athletes next exercise frequency to provide predictable and auxiliary reference level data.

In the 14 years of the Tour de France race, the official but also for the first time allow the motion of the camera appears in the game, players may be installed on your camcorder chariot. Shimano's CM-1000 camera has become the designated motion imaging apparatus of this competition, the emergence of this movement of the imaging device can be made when the lens is more diverse events live. And cameras and other high-tech equipment can also GPS, power meters, smart phones and other connected to the Internet by means of the transfer process, the driver can be clearly recorded in the captured video data, such as heart rate and pedaling frequency. Such live TV from a professional rider sprint screen, viewers can also intuitively feel he has the kind of changes in the body of data.

Thus, the Tour de France from a hundred years ago to today, in fact, already turned into a science and technology competition from a pure bike racing. Bainianhuanfa game changes, in fact, is a microcosm of the times. This means that a highly intelligent era may be coming true, with the Tour de France has proved itself bicycle intelligence is completely feasible and can be accepted.

 Intelligent Systems and wearable across the two areas

As the same kind of vehicle, the car has no doubt want to cross into the era of intelligent in the coming years. In fact, the pace of the bike is not slow, but may not have a car so interesting. Smart helmet, intelligent headlight, handlebars and other intelligent devices actually have emerged, and the application in the bike, the bicycle with a smart system is also coming soon. We can see the advantages of the bicycle compared to the car that it spans two intelligent systems and wearable art equipment, automotive market from broader perspective than it seems.

Worldwide, in fact, already have the technology giant step up the pace. Earlier this year, Samsung has taken the first step, they are one of the participating teams and America's top bike brands Trek, also the Tour de France, reached a cooperation. The key to intelligent devices Galaxy S5, Gear series and Galaxy Note series flat strap and bicycle integration, introduced two smart bike, equipped with Galaxy Gear models in cycling during real-time tracking display driver and the vehicle speed pulse, etc. data, models and docking Galaxy Note 3 can provide more functionality, the team can use these devices to match the performance and health of drivers more in-depth understanding. Perhaps at the next Tour de France, we will be able to see such a competition bike. Visible, Samsung has foreseen the opportunity to bring the bicycle market, and the first step will be its own intelligent terminal and the bicycle were fused.

Samsung and Baidu intelligent angle may vary, Samsung focus and combine their intelligence products, the future may be in a more wearable art. And Baidu is more focused on the development of an intelligent system, the bicycle itself to become more intelligent. Both ideas are also reflected in the layout of a broad market prospect bike, either through smart wearable device link or as a whole intelligent undoubtedly promising.

Intelligent leading humane long road

If the place five years ago, this kind of stuff like a bike may never hook and scientific community, but with the advent of intelligent hardware tide, the Internet thinking constantly changing the traditional industries. In fact, for the purposes of intelligent home and intelligent it is not a difficult thing, but this is not true pursuit of mankind. Is not connected to the network, each terminal can be achieved without a gap control is intelligent, the current intelligence, just do a relatively standardized intelligence. For transport, this is far from enough, this can only be done intelligently blunt assist people deal with the problem, but has not yet reached the degree of substitution man operation.

In the future, intelligent accompanied by a personalized process, from product standardization to the evolution of human intelligence is the second after another big trend. The ultimate goal is to make intelligent operating experience more arbitrary, so the device into the undifferentiated human daily life, whether it is the elderly, children, or people with disabilities, accessibility can be achieved fool of operation of smart products. Maybe this road will be very long, but we are therefore unnecessarily pessimistic. Because ten years ago, all this may be more of just appeared in Hollywood movies or writing in our childhood imagination, and now you will find it all away from us is ever closer.

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