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After The Boom Is Disorder, Bluegogo Offer Industry Standard Development

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After two years of "blowout" development, sharing the cycle has reached an unprecedented prosperity

 of the times, large and small shared bicycle brands and dozens of, behind the surface of 

prosperity, but also hidden a lot of worries. First of all, the use of shared bicycles management 

problems, the recent succession of minors around the use of shared bicycles caused by the security 

issues. Followed by the fish, mixed with the bike market, a lot of quick success or no industry to 

support the cycling brand, there are substandard quality, more security risks and many other issues,

 so that in many cities, bicycle maintenance workers become popular scarce talent.

And for this, share the bike in the leading brand small blue bike bluegogo began to sound. Today, 

the small blue bike in response to "Beijing to encourage the development of norms to guide the 

development of bicycles guidance (Trial) (draft)" when the "guidance" in the "require enterprises 

to put the vehicle should be consistent with national and industry standards" "Shared bicycles need 

to be equipped with satellite positioning system" and other requirements, expressed support and 

recognition, that this is a necessary factor to regulate the development of the industry. At the 

same time, the small blue bike called on the relevant government departments for the sharing of 

bicycle vehicle product quality for a comprehensive investigation, in accordance with the "guidance"

 requirements, mandatory requirements of the bicycle industry enterprises do not meet their national

 and industry standards to take all the vehicles to recover , To ensure the safety of users.


Bluegogo on the "guidance" to respond positively, and face the shared bicycle industry there 

are some problems, do not avoid, do not deny that the correct treatment, a serious solution, this 

attitude and social responsibility has been in charge of the industry and the vast number of 

consumers The Since the founding of bluegogo, has always been that the user to provide 

the best riding a bike for the purpose of serving the enterprise, to create quality products, high 

standards of service, large data management, deployment and comprehensive security and one-stop 

management of the full set of operating mode. The small blue bike is the only shared cycling company

 in the field of the world without pile sharing bicycles. It has maintained the quality of high-end 

from the aspects of bicycle design, supply chain procurement, manufacturing and delivery. At the 

same time, Blue bike is also the industry's first and the "Big Dipper" "Chihiro" and other 

enterprises, the use of "sub-level positioning technology" on the shared bike satellite positioning 

of the shared bicycle business. In particular, March 22, 2017, the small blue in the industry first 

published "eye system", through the machine learning algorithm on nearly one million shared bicycles

 for fine operation management, maintenance, recycling the entire set of operating service system, 

The client to the rider one by one corresponding to the safety management requirements, to avoid 

children under the age of 12 dangerous ride caused by the security risks.

It can be said that the Bluegogo as a product quality and service quality leader in the 

country received nearly 11 million users love. As the "best ride" shared cycling, has always 

maintained high quality products, high quality service purposes, from bluegogo to the world's first 

variable speed shared bike bluegogo pro, and then to the world's first carbon fiber variable speed 

shared bicycle bluegogo pro2, constantly To provide users with more quality riding experience, and 

continuously improve product quality and user riding experience, and constantly improve the large 

data algorithm brought about by the fine vehicle management, shared bicycle industry quality service

 system played a benchmark role.

We can foresee, bluegogo and other leading leaders under the leadership of the 

shared cycling industry will experience Ebb Tide, eventually into the benign development track for 

the general public travel and high quality urban life to bring more convenience and support.

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