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After Smart Home,smart Cycling Become Popular

Everything is the Internet era, "Only you can't think, no you can't do." As long as use electricity or batteries, can connect net, the original computer can be networked, mobile phones can be networked, now not only home can networking, car can networked, watch can be networked, shoes can be networked, and even bicycles can be also be intelligent networking . As an upgraded product under the tide of internet things, a lot of smart bike  companies begin to appear.

Not long ago, millet and cloud build scientific and technological cooperation, we launched a customized version of millet Ma Yun C1 electric bikes, beginning in the millet smart home startup crowdfunding. The smart bike biggest feature is the use of YunBike independent motor, battery module, enabling electric power, especially for climbing, wind travel. Vehicles built-in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, when it came to the slope, the intelligent system automatically supplies power to help uphill.

But before making the cloud work together millet science and technology, and other Internet companies have begun to ride smart layout field. For example, in August this year, a veteran bicycle manufacturer Feige sports and music as the joint effort to build a super bike officially launch; mid-March, the original founder of State for Digital founder Xiangdong smart bike brand 700BIKE, complete the $ 15 million A round of financing, 7 4 month released a breath city bike; last June, Samsung also released a smart bike, to achieve linkage with Samsung smart phones and so on.

Of course, smart bike also attracted a number of things business concerns. However, with Internet companies or start-ups straight away different smart bike, things seem to be more popular enterprise smart home or smart dress, but in terms of smart bike not in a hurry. Leading networking companies Wulian (IOT sensing) is a classic.

Wulian As a networking equipment and solutions provider, the current main business is the intelligent home systems and solutions, and its smart bike looks irrelevant. However, the earlier news that the smart bike is Wulian foregone conclusion, when the launch is only a matter of time, because the company has obtained a Wulian intelligent bike-related patents. This or make this things come from behind in the field of smart bike.

Reports that, as a focus on R & D enterprise, Wulian has acquired more than 30 patents, is the smart home networking industry and the largest enterprises to obtain patents, and its former recently authorized invention patents "bicycle leader" actually many Internet companies said that the current smart bike.

According to reports, the "bicycle leading" with a vibration sensor, a controller, a wireless communication module, air quality detectors, sound and light alarm, GPS navigation system, LED lights and solar panels. Corresponding Smart bike can use solar energy to achieve lighting, security safe bicycle driving at night, enabling users to see air quality detector air quality, GPS navigation system and sound and light alarms it is possible to effectively prevent theft, improve bicycle safety sex.

In contrast, based on the "bike leading" smart bike basically covering the current mainstream smart bike features, but the difference is, Wulian has proposed including the "people, home, car," the largest smart home concept, so Wulian smart bike or Wulian part of smart home system, this smart bike, the user can perform some kind of contact with the home device, anywhere.

In recent years, green travel, getting into the concept of environmental health of the people, the people's attention once again return to the bicycle body. In appearance, materials, function and other aspects unique smart bike, enhance people riding experience, while achieving a bike network, to bring new people feel secure, intelligent. Today, more and more companies enter the field, the smart bike would be another "Internet +" after smart home?

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