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A "smart Lock" Can Not Be Solved Ofo Dilemma

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Now in any university can see, in addition to groups of handsome boys and girls, is that a touch of dazzling yellow. Uber called the campus version of ofo, since the "on-line", the first sight on the campus this piece of cake, but with the sharing of economic development, ambitious ofo can continue to campus brilliant?

Based on the campus of this position, ofo the entire initial product programs are designed for the campus market. Campus space is relatively closed, the distance is short, the students of this target group is relatively concentrated on the demand for bicycles, the use of high prices are more sensitive. Based on the above characteristics and environment, students use the bike scene is relatively fixed, such as dormitories, cafeteria, teaching areas, libraries, etc., and thus does not require GPS this feature. Put the vehicle, the students will be able to use the normal bike naturally in the campus to form a reasonable layout, the next only need to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance will be able to form a balance between supply and demand.

Is such an advantage still applicable in an open urban environment? November 17, 2016, ofo announced the opening of urban services, out of the campus of ofo launched a new generation of products o3.0, with a solid tire, triangle handle, adjustable seat, before and after the double brake system and other products to upgrade Ofo really be able to both ways, both inside and outside the campus grasp it? The answer is obviously no.

First of all, in order to be able to simultaneously consider the price-sensitive school students and expansion of the market after the school staff, ofo distinguish between the school car and off-campus vehicles, the former only for school use, which can ride out of campus, and in fact two types of vehicles, The level of the deposit is different, the quality of the vehicle or the appearance of no significant difference between the school and outside the distinction mark is not significant, which brought a lot of inconvenience to school students. From easy to unlock a small yellow car to travel, to the need to carefully distinguish the school car and off-campus vehicles, ofo advocated "anytime, anywhere with Juji" convenience is no longer. In addition, because ofo pre-positioning in the campus, so its in the vehicle's security and quality and not fully considered, tires, lock, take the car and other key links are obvious loopholes: body rust, easy seat bad, tires were Pirates, 6 yuan monthly "wool", without the use of the password can be unlocked uncommon ... ... relevant professionals pointed out that in the current circumstances, unless completely upgrade the product, completely differentiate the use of school vehicles outside the school, otherwise Bureau.

Secondly, there is no GPS function ofo not only faced with the troubles of theft, but the loss of "vision" within the scope of all user groups. And GPS navigation can be accurate to find nearby vehicles, compared to the Mopei, the naked eye to find the car of the effective range of users within the scope of the vehicle is very limited, so in an open urban environment is difficult to achieve real service, it is no wonder that the small Yellow car side announced the number of external delivery has been as high as 1 million at the same time, there are still many users in the Tucao simply can not find the car. In the absence of GPS positioning under the premise of the function, if you want to make the normal use of vehicles or even efficient operation, then usually only one way: through greater volume and high concentration of urban coverage to achieve. In fact, ofo did exactly that. Recently, ofo announced the "2017 City Strategy", planned from January 12 to January 22, with "one day a city" speed in 10 days into 11 cities, which sit tight in the "number of cities covered" in the first Chair.

Of course, such a large loophole, ofo has also made up in the recent move - refer to Moab model released a new generation of "smart lock." However, careful study of the release of "smart lock", is not difficult to find the so-called "smart lock" or continuation of ofo before the style, full of loopholes. Which includes the positioning module is only used for anti-theft tracking, whether the same as the Mabai bicycle GPS smart lock, as to provide specific vehicle location information, still have to make a big question mark. And ofo official has also announced that for the previous investment of 1 million small yellow car will not be modified to update. Indeed, such a huge cycling transformation, the cost is certainly raspberry. So that 1 million "no smart lock" small yellow car can only be "broken arm to survive," ruthless exile in the major cities of the streets.

Faced with a broader market, the ambitious ofo is now facing both the smooth financing of the rival Mo Bi bike, but also to cope with those who come up on the small-ming, blue and other new rivals, no ivory tower guardian ofof Can be described as a long road Xi Xi its far. If you do not change the mode of operation and management, do not adjust their products, relying on barbaric light cover the city, I'm afraid it is difficult to see the shared bicycle market ushered in the real dawn.

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