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A Local USA Bike Sharing Company Limebike Got Much Invest

LimeBike, a freak-free cycling company based in California, announced that it has completed $ 50 million in financing to accelerate its promotion of 30 cities and campuses throughout the United States this year.

In March this year, LimeBike announced the financing of 12 million US dollars. LimeBike's plan is to go beyond China's shared cycling giant Ma Bai and OFO. The latter two in China to open up a single field, and successfully enter the US market. It is reported that the motorcycles cycling and OFO cycling received Tencent and Alibaba up to $ 1 billion investment.

Figure 1: Old Beijing Railway Station on both sides of the street in an orderly array of the worship and OFO shared bicycle.

A battle to seize the fast-growing smart bike market is staged, leading wholly-owned start-up companies OFO and Mobike bumper encounter strong competitors: headquartered in the United States Silicon Valley LimeBike. According to reports, LimeBike has just received $ 50 million in financing, it is accelerating catch up with China's OFO and motorcycles cycling, with a view to this year to expand to the other 10 cities in the United States.

For the Ofo and Mobike bikes, the United States is a new battlefield. They invented and promoted shared bicycles in China and entered the international market after they entered the United States. It is reported that in August this year, Ofo in Seattle, Boston suburbs and Washington, DC launched a shared bike service; in September this year, Maibai in Washington, DC launched a shared bicycle service. Its main US rival LimeBike in June this year for the first time in the United States at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro launched a shared bike service, then quickly in 20 places to launch its services.

The National Association of Urban Traffic Management Officers reported that US shared bicycles grew exponentially. In 2016, the number of trips with shared bicycles was 28 million, which was flat with the annual passenger data recorded by the National Rail Passenger Company. Which share the largest number of cycling trips in the region, New York, Greater Washington, DC, Miami, Chicago and Greater Boston. With the popularity of shared bicycles, analysts predict that more and more passengers will choose to share cycling trips.

Today, LimeBike, OFO and Mabi bicycles have entered the US market. Its movement color bright, clear and easy to identify the logo, and the color selected on the thick Chinese wind color: LimeBike body is the classic lime green; OFO to bright yellow as a sign; and the motorbike cycling is a silver body with Orange wheel. The cycling companies that preempt the US market do not have to face troubled aspects of traffic regulations, price wars, vehicle maintenance, theft and damage.

Nowadays popular new way of transport

LimeBike, headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., Has just completed $ 50 million in B-round financing in order to accelerate its US-based cycling giant OFO and Mabi bicycles into the US market to accelerate its nationwide 30 cities and the promotion of the campus. The current round of investors include the technology industry hedge fund Coatue Management, GGV Jiayuan Capital, Franklin Templeton Investments, Yang Jiyuan's AME Cloud Ventures, the former venture capital of Bill Maris founded venture capital firm Section 32, Stanford University Incubator Start- X Fund. A round of investment institutions, including the famous Silicon Valley venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz and DCM, continue in this round with the vote.

"Local shared cycling companies have a better understanding of the local market.We plan to land a new market every week to arrange a 10-20 team to support local service operations," said Toby Sun and Brad Bao, co-founder and CEO of LimeBike. We will also work closely with local government officials to develop new markets. "

According to the data provided by LimeBike, since its inception, LimeBike registered users reached nearly 25 million, in Seattle, Washington, DC, Dallas and 8 university campus, including 12 cities in the total number of vehicles put 10,000, and to 50% per week to maintain growth. LimeBike plans to reach 1 million by the end of 2017, adding at least 500,000 shared bicycles and entering 10 new markets. These markets may include New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

LimeBike co-founder and CEO Toby Sun said, LimeBike quickly swept the major markets such as Seattle, in the introduction of the first week there are 10,000 times the trip. If LimeBike was in the middle of the year, the company would make a more bold decision: to the world.

Connie Chan, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a well-known venture capital firm, says LimeBike draws on a Chinese-style shared cycling model and locates its company's development goals in the US market. LimeBike team in the US market has a wealth of experience, know which model to be successful. It is reported that Chen Meiling is LimeBike one of the early investors.

China shares cycling giant

OFO is the world's most competitive, most financing shared bicycle company, in 15 countries and 180 cities in the world launched 10 million shared bicycles, registered users up to 20 million. OFO was founded in 2014, its CEO Dai Wei was also a student at Peking University. It is reported that OFO total financing of 1.2 billion US dollars, the main investors, including Alibaba, Hony investment, the Russian Internet investment company DST Global, CITIC Industrial Investment Fund and China taxi service providers drip travel.

Grace Lin, vice president of North America, OFO, said the company plans to expand its shared bicycles to every corner of the world, aiming to achieve more than one million registered users by the end of this year. In addition, Grace Lin said, OFO's plan this week, is in Denver suburbs Aurora launched a shared bicycle service.

As the world's largest intelligent shared cycling company, the motorcycles are active in more than 100 cities around the world. In China, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, the motorcycles have launched more than 5 million bicycles, with as many as 100 million registered users. It is reported that the motorcycles have received $ 1 billion in huge sums of money, including Tencent, Sequoia Capital China Fund, TPG Deutsche Capital, Gao Ling Capital and Singapore Temasek Holdings, as well as some major institutional investors. At present, the motorcycles allow Tencent's micro-client customers through the WeChat scan to share the cost of sharing bicycles.

There are rumors that China shares cycling leading companies OFO and Mabe bicycles or will merge. If rumors are true, then, LimeBike will be likely to face a more powerful competitor. Recently, OFO and Matthew denied that they would not merge. But change to think, if they really merged, and this with Alibaba and Tencent strong combination, together to set up a drop trip this case is very similar. In 2016, the drop trip to the acquisition of superior China.

In China, sharing bicycles is popular because of its environmentally friendly, efficient and suitable for short distance travel. The new share of cycling heat also makes bicycles re-appear in Beijing, Shanghai and other traffic congestion in the city. In the shared mode, there are people who need to ride through the smart phone APP and GPS positioning system to find a shared bike, and by scanning two-dimensional code to unlock the bike. In addition, before the ride need to pay a deposit, after the end of the ride can automatically pay the cost, and shared bicycle parking point is not limited.

New York public bike system Citi Bike also introduced a bicycle sharing service. This new, flexible sharing model, like excellent taxi service, quickly swept the nation. Citi Bike provides free entry guidance for passengers who need to ride, and the fee is very reasonable: starting at $ 1 for half an hour and half price for students. Some are still free for an hour.

The huge cycling potential of the US market also makes some small businesses eager. Headquartered San Francisco-based shared cycling provider Spin received $ 8 million in investment from Grishin Robotics and early technology stocks, and has launched a bicycle sharing service in Seattle, Dallas and South San Francisco.


LimeBike CEO Sun said the company welcomes competitors to enter the US American style, because these companies can help Chinese-style shared bicycle service to become the mainstream way. He also said that he was also inspired by the Chinese-style shared bicycle service was established LimeBike company. Sun points out that the LimeBike bike is tailor-made for the US market. It uses a super-durable aluminum frame, airtight tires and specially developed reflector lights. LimeBike in most markets has three gears. In addition, the company in the mountains of more cities in the introduction of eight gears shared bicycle. LimeBike cycling can support solar charging, the other major feature is the monthly riding price of 29.95 US dollars / 100 times.

Sun said that given the current share of the bicycle market is relatively young, therefore, the company's primary task is to quickly expand the market share, followed by the company's profits.

In the United States, the local government and the municipal government require the bicycle operator to obtain a business license or license. In addition, some cities do not welcome sharing bicycles, many markets are still in the pilot phase. Also in China, the area of shared bicycles is facing many problems: wanton destruction, theft of shared bicycles; bicycles are free to throw on crowded streets and sidewalks. At present, the bike rental service provider for the ride after the end of the cycling of the cyclists to provide free riding services to encourage them to continue to properly put the bike.

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