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$400 Million Financing To The Bluegogo Can Be Used To Do What?

At present, the cycle of sharing the cycle of the capital market has become a battlefield of the 

capital market duel, like a spring breeze from the night, sharing the bicycle market suddenly 

burned up, this is a rapid financing of the market choice, who can be able to laugh the last

Red orange yellow green blue and blue, sharing bicycles in various cities have launched a fierce 

competition. From the distinction between the various colors, we can also distinguish between a 

small red car, small yellow car, and small blue car with a distinctive feature of the shared 

bicycle design.

Sharing the bike can be described as the field of venture capital fried chicken, open search 

search cycling software APP, you can see dazzling, dizzying. Sharing the cycling market, "the 

first echelon" of the players are in full swing, such as the brand and the brand, the product of 

the speed iterative upgrade and even in the country and even continue to open up the territory of 

the earth. Purely from the market capacity and user awareness point of view, always feel that the 

survival of the competitive brand seems to be more and more narrow space

But even in such a fierce competition in the capital market, there are always some brands will 

make progress, come from behind. For example, for many shared bicycle users, the small blue cycling 

brand is still more than the previously mentioned first echelon. However, since November 2016 from 

the beast riding hatch since the small blue bike in the country has entered the Shenzhen, Guangzhou,

 Chengdu, Nanjing, Foshan, five cities.

In addition, the small blue bike in January 2017 landing in the United States San Francisco, became 

the first landing abroad market share bicycle brand.

On February 24, bluegogo small blue bike Beijing held a media communication meeting we saw that the 

small blue bicycle has been on February 21 to enter the Beijing market, following the Shenzhen, 

Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Foshan, settled in the sixth City.

In January 2017, small blue bike won the black hole capital leadership, intellectual star pass 

with 400 million yuan, the current small blue cycling valuation has reached 1 billion yuan. Through 

the fierce competition of capital, we can see the shared cycling market is now ushered in the front 

of the hard just to attack the city to the stage. Such as Maibai, ofo, small blue three companies 

have launched preferential measures to seize the user. The first two to take the charge to pay the 

model, and small blue bicycle is directly free.


In the field of shared bicycles can get investment, put more bicycles, you can design a better bike,

 you can develop more user affinity APP design, and promote low-carbon city travel, organizing and 

organizing various types of cycling activities , Are pulled into the user's effective means of 

viscosity. Small blue bike ride, safe, fast unlock are small blue cycling products by the user 

favorite highlights. Small blue bike weighs only 15Kg, the use of rubber tire + PU solid inner tube,

 equipped with 25kg can bear the basket, seat height can be freely adjusted to adapt to different 

height of the rider. Main security, technical priority, unlock the convenience of all these features

 are to attract the user's highlights.

According to the small blue bike CEO Li Gang introduced, in addition to Beijing and San Francisco, 

the current five operating cities have been achieved 150,000 vehicles put, the cumulative number of 

users 2.53 million, the average daily unlock 830,000, the maximum unlock 1.17 million times. More 

and more users are recognized and familiar with the small blue cycling this product and use the 


Small blue bike has 30 years of bike industry experts, at the same time have self-built factories, 

and 5-8 cooperation with the factory there is close contact, the current annual production capacity 

of small blue bike 300-500 million, "control the global city bike 10% Of the production capacity ".

At present, for the future of the shared bicycle market, still in the era of melee, which is a 

capital race era, which is only a few to survive the market. Only when the city area, the number 

of bicycles, and the user's screening are saturated. Will be the best ride from the market to ride 

the bike, the best quality of the bike, the most convenient rental of bicycles. thank you all


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