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It is imperative to build a scenic spot to share a bicycle


    Tourism, has become more and more people living in the "necessities". China now has the world's largest domestic tourism consumer market, universal tourism era is quietly coming. Tourists demand for high-quality tourism products continue to expand, the urgent need for the market to provide diversified, user-friendly choice, and "wisdom tourism" is the future tourist attractions to speed up the "Internet +", the development of "future tourism" an important way.


    With the opera, OFO led the city to share the emergence of bicycles, "shared city" has been in the field of public transport has shown results, and "sweep riding" travel mode has gradually been accepted by the public. As an important part of the scenic area to upgrade the wisdom of the scenic bike rental is also facing an unprecedented change, to create scenic sharing bicycles, is imperative.


    The difference between the traditional bike and the shared bicycle is the smart lock on the body, so that the traditional bike of the scenic area quickly and easily upgraded to the more scenic scene needs to share the scenic share of bicycles, enjoy the Greea brand - Bai Bai cycling recently launched the "10000 The scenic area to share the bicycle smart lock free to send "activities, for eligible areas, ranging from the number of free gifts, the value of 115 yuan share of the car to share the smart lock. In addition, whether it is scenic management, scenic channel partners or other scenic spots can provide docking "introducer", 100 thanks to the bike are also prepared for the "introducer package."


    100Bike 4 worry-free protection for the scenic escort


    As a veteran enterprise with nearly 10 years of experience in urban cycling operations in China, the bicycles have a mature system for sharing cycling operations in scenic areas. 100Bike to provide four worry-free protection for the scenic upgrade escort.


    1. Smart cycling Bluetooth lock: 2 seconds unlock, stable function; lasting power, solid and durable; just a few simple steps to install, you can easily upgrade to the scenic share of bicycles, from the cost savings.


    2. Management background: fund pool management, day / week / month riding income, user statistics, vehicle monitoring, independent marketing activities, a set of background to complete the sharing of all the activities of the bike, mobile phone audit, at a glance.


    3. Small program: no need to download APP, visitors search scenic sharing of bicycles corresponding to the small program, you can self-cleaning car rental, in line with user habits.


    4. Marketing promotion services: 40 tourist attractions platform support, one on a custom marketing plan to upgrade the scenic area to share the same time, to help scenic brand building, enhance the economic benefits of scenic spots.


    In addition, there are free customer service, riding insurance business, a full set of operational training services ... ... and other scenic areas to share the value of bicycles matching services.



    Scenic wisdom to upgrade, more than a lock only


    How does a lock trigger a bike leasing revolution? Hundreds of bicycles by giving 10,000 scenic spots to share cycling smart locks, so that scenic area accurate, fast on-line scenic area to share the bike. However, enjoy the Greea can provide for the area, far more than that.


    In addition to the scenic bike sharing, share ++ also offers more scenic scene for sharing product solutions, such as shared scenic motorcycle, share charge treasure, sharing an umbrella, shared lockers, etc., aimed at helping operators to rapidly achieve full scenic Business scene Line traffic entry, to provide users with more intelligent, convenient and excellent service.

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