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10 Professional Skills To Make You A Better

Riding not only for exercise, more important is to enjoy the feeling of uninhibited freedom in the mountains and enjoy spiritual communication between people, we can say, is riding a happy mood, it is an attitude to life. According to Yahoo, January 25 reported that recently, mountain bike experts teach you 10 professional skills, achieve your dream bike.

1, select mountain bike

Lee Maike Ma (Lee McCormack) is the International Cycling Association (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) skills development director, but also "master mountain bike skills" (Mastering Mountain Bike Skills) author of the book. He said: "Different for different terrain bike, you first have to know their routes in order to choose the route of the bicycle has 29 inches (about 0.7 meters) wheel and four to five inches (0.1 m to 0.12 m). suspension mountain bike for most path. "If there is a big turn or a big obstacle on your path, to use a dropper seat clamp, the weight adjustment lever can reduce your weight and help you downhill, after upgrade height uphill help you.

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