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Traditional bike to a smart bike only half a step away

Baidu everyone on the network at the "smart bike", the relevant information will be overwhelming: the traditional bicycle and intelligent technology, the use of carbon fiber and other raw materials to make high-end frame, lightweight and environmentally friendly; the use of intelligent technology to conventional brake systems, variable speed intelligent systems designed to match the APP is used to control the speed and the like; using advanced cloud technology will ride ride data stored in the user's "cloud" for closer analysis. This is the preliminary Imagine smart bicycle. Looking at the major online giants come from all walks of life cross-border, the Chinese search engine giant Baidu intends to launch DUBIKE, smartphone star millet millet also reported the release of smart bike, and another said that music as Lenovo, Samsung, Sony will launch its own smart bike. It seems bikes intelligence is the trend. Then as a traditional bicycle industry will be how to meet the major reshuffle of the test it?

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