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Publisher revives Australian trade magazine

PORT KEMBLA, Australia (BRAIN) Thursday July 5 2012 7:06 AM MT—Australia’s Bicycling Trade magazine has returned after a five-year hiatus to cover the ins and outs of the industry Down Under. 

Bicycling Australia published the quarterly magazine between 1996 and 2007, but ended the run around the same time as it canceled the Bicycling Australia Show. Bicycling Australia director Phil Latz recently decided to revive Bicycling Trade as a monthly web-only edition. The industry trade directory, Bicycling Yearbook, will continue in its annual print form. 

Latz said the timing was right for a re-launch because there is no other trade publication in Australia and plenty to write about. 

“The Australian bike industry is in a period of massive upheaval, particularly regarding wholesale distribution as we move from an agency model to a subsidiary model in the case of many major brands including Trek and Specialized,” Latz said. 

The first issue just went live and can be viewed here: Circulation will be about 2,500 initially with email summaries of each issue sent to staff of bike shops, wholesalers and manufacturers. 

Latz said advertisers have been receptive with all the prime spots booked three months before the first issue came out. 

“We think this is partly due to residual goodwill from 11 years of previous publishing,” he said. 

Bicycling Australia also publishes a road magazine with the same title, Mountain Biking Australia, the Bicycling Buyers’ Guide and Where to Ride guides for Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. 

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