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Owner to shutter New Jersey BMX store

PENNSVILLE, NJ (BRAIN) Wednesday August 15 2012—After six years in business, Van Homan has decided to close the doors of his New Jersey BMX shop Two by Four. The shop will officially close sometime in the coming weeks. 

“It just didn’t seem like the thing for me anymore,” said owner Homan. “I wasn’t making any money and had accomplished all I wanted to.”

Homan, a professional BMX racer, opened Two by Four in 2006 as a way to build the local BMX scene and give back to the sport. He and his co-workers traveled to poker tournaments, made BMX videos and worked with local teams. At one point, Homan opened up a second shop in Philadelphia, but was eventually forced to close due to cost restraints.

Two by Four offered a line of BMX bikes, parts, clothing and accessories at the Pennsville store and maintained a lucrative online shop as well. Homan will not be continuing with online sales once Two by Four has closed. 

As of now, retail doesn’t play a part in Homan’s plans for the future. 

“Owning a shop was never the ‘what I want to do when I grow up’ thing for me,” Homan said. “I want to focus on traveling and riding and make the most of opportunities while they’re still available.”

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