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Infinit offers women-specific hydration drink

CINCINNATI, OH (BRAIN) Friday August 24 2012 8:17 AM MT—The sports nutrition company Infinit is introducing a line of sports drinks developed specifically for women.

The new Isis line was designed to be isotonic, meaning it has the same percentage of dissolved minerals as body fluids.

Isis blends three different carbohydrates customized for the female body.

ISIS is made with 100% all natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or colors. It is available in two blends – Isis and Isis Endurance. Isis Endurance has two grams of whey protein isolate intended to curb hunger.

“We know that there is a plethora of strong female athletes in the world, but they don’t need to be supplementing with the same nutritional formulation that a 200 pound male is using,” said Michael Folan, founder and president of Infinit Nutrition. 

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