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How to maintain folding bicycle tire?

Folding bike tire wear resistance, to withstand a large load. However, improper use often accelerated wear, cracks appeared, blasting and so on. Normally, when using folding bike note the following:

Inflatable moderation. Caused by a flat tire inner tubes inflated, not only resistance increases, cycling laborious and increased tire friction with the ground area, so tire wear accelerated fracture. Over inflation, plus the sun and the air inside the tire inflated inside the tire cord can easily be broken expansion will shorten the lifespan. Therefore, cheer in moderation, some cold weather can Foot summer to less; less gas front, rear air should be enough of these.

Do not overload. Various tire side are marked with its maximum load weight possession. As ordinary tire maximum load of 100 kg, increased tire maximum load of 150 kg. Folding bike and the car itself cut weight by around two points, but the tire. Front wheels bear on the total weight of the l / 3, the rear wheel is 2/3. Almost all of the pressure on the rear hanger load on the rear tire, overload too heavy, increasing the tire friction with the ground, especially since much thinner than the thickness of the rubber sidewall tread (pattern place), often overloaded and easy thinning cracks appear, blasting in the tire shoulder.

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