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How to choose bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker development in recent years more and more strong, the market was mixed products How do we choose a suitable Bluetooth speaker then?

First, we need to determine what to buy what kind of Bluetooth speakers, about what price range, we go to buy market positioning.

Currently on the market a lot of Bluetooth speakers,Bluetooth speakers which brand is good, from the quality point of view, mini Bluetooth speaker can not be combined and compared to the large speakers, so if you do not need to compare it to buy small Bluetooth speakers, the name suggests is a wireless Bluetooth speaker connection, easy to operate, and made relatively small, easily portable。

For small Bluetooth speaker if you do good, then the sound quality is quite good, enough to meet your needs. But Bluetooth small speakers on the market 60 yuan to 150 yuan between, honest sound quality can only say that Minato live with, but listen, it's just audible, the sound quality really can not show so good, not to say they do not, but this is difficult to confirm the price range to do so good sound quality.

That there are a lot of people, always like to come to a conclusion of a loud speaker is good or bad, in fact, to choose a speaker is not loud speakers focused choose speakers, focus is to look at how this kind of speaker sound reduction, sound restore the more real, the better. Loud to no avail, it will only reduce signal noise, too much noise, it sounds not comfortable.

How to test a reduction of the speaker really good for amateurs, the best way is to choose the one you like best and often listen to the songs, so your judgment will be more accurate;? Well find some professional yindie inside the music to the audition, an ordinary Bluetooth speakers Bluetooth speakers to buy what brand is good, if you are using lossless music to try, it is basically difficult to pass, because a lot of response can not be manifested.

What Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth speaker a good selection of the most important thing is to listen to music, then do not use fancy features, just sound good to say nothing of poor sound more functionality is superfluous.

Some time ago to see on the market a new brand introduced a Bluetooth speaker, was curious to try a bit, really surprised, I have never heard of such a small volume of Bluetooth speakers, even sound so good, relatively heavy weight of the product, from the exterior looks really good material, exquisite aluminum casing. Try a lossless music yindie "Friends Do not cry", "Hotel California" sound really performed well, deep and powerful bass, clear treble performance, in our hands, there is a strong sense of vibration, is a real fear Taiwan fighter ah.

Most importantly, this speaker sound, even a sense of the scene, a very good sense of space, which is currently on the market have not found such a good sound quality Bluetooth speaker.

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