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Future launching new mountain bike website

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) Tuesday July 3 2012 11:59 AM MT—Future Publishing, publisher of and, is launching a new mountain bike website called this week.

The company said the site will feature "the best adrenaline mountain biking content from across the globe and is aimed at thrill-seeking mountain bikers and ‘armchair gravity riders’ who love finding out about the best riders, the best riding and the best gear."

The site will have a "video-first content policy" but will also include content on technique and maintenance, product news and reviews and rider interviews. 

Former operations editor James Costley-White will edit the new site. Future's U.S. bike tech editors, Matt Pacocha and James Huang, will contribute to the new site. Other stories will be written by U.S. freelancers or staff in the U.K. 

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