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Cyclists request for tramway nearby bike facilities make changes

After the evening of 20 held a somber memorial walks in central Seattle area, cyclists requests for Toyo Chrysler street bicycle facilities to make a change, and Seattle tramway how to interact with a bicycle design Check.

      This Greenway Seattle (Seattle Greenways) activities of the organization is to mourn about a month ago suffered a crash in the vicinity of the East leaves Chrysler street tramway, tragic death of 27-year-old woman with Mike De Xilei Fort (Desiree McCloud). Police are investigating whether the tram tracks and the associated case.

      Relatives, friends and other cyclists said stretches of road with tram and other facilities where dangerous because bicycle tires easily stuck in orbit.

      In a community meeting held after the memorial service, the organizers conducted a survey show of hands, how many people have been asking on the tramway fall over. About a quarter of the participants raised their hands.

      Cyclists are most worried about is the 14th Avenue and East leaves Chrysler Street crossroads. MacLeod said a lifetime friends, cyclists when riding west to face many obstacles at that intersection. He mentioned Road is located in the bottom of the hill that intersection, giving cyclists to make timely adjustments to avoid hitting the tram tracks, beware of car little time.

      Two representatives of the City of Seattle Department of Transportation attended community meetings.

      Seattle City traffic engineer Zhang Donghao (Dongho Chang) said that Seattle will consider the implementation of short-term changes in that area.

      Zhangdong Hao said they were still waiting for the municipal police to provide more data, and have heard back to the community. He said, listen to frequently used bike lanes cyclists views on them helpful.

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