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British break with EU, cycling can pick up cheap?

British retreat Europe referendum in June is world's most watched news (in the mainstream media outshining European Cup), this drama has come to ending today. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron continued on various occasions to persuade national referendum to stay in the EU, even the British royal family also sent Princess Kate expressed support for Britain to stay in Europe, but still can not stop the surging British low-income people of the votes, 48 more than 52% %, one of the UK will no longer be a member of the EU.

   Since the British national pride, whether it is to enter the EU in the process repeated, or stick with the pound after accession to the EU and refused to join the Schengen visa, not only across the English Channel between England and one other member of the EU, psychologically separated by a gap . The British take off in Europe, it is regarded as EU officials tragic day, but for now, the most tragic when the United Kingdom itself.

   In the case of off Europe is a foregone conclusion, and today the pound plummeted against the dollar a day, the highest decline of 10%, called the financial disaster, along with the stock market crash, funds into the gold market refuge. Meanwhile, Scotland and Wales are not satisfied with the decision off to Europe, from the United Kingdom have made independent to the needs of the EU. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation directly to this mess, the Conservative leader, quit!

   Although we can not take off in Europe because the British economy and beat him to death, but in the context of the global economic slowdown, the normalization of trade to be restored after the British off in Europe, we need the European Union, China, the United States and other major powers to sign a tariff agreement, coupled with the sharp depreciation of sterling and domestic turmoil, it is hard for the British short-term confidence in the economic situation.

   Although Europe is temporarily off to Europe, even the world will cause a big impact, but there will be some benefits, especially for bicycles. The most immediate benefit is the pound fell sharply, just one day, the pound fell to a low of 30 years, although the yuan also declined, but relatively speaking, the rates are much lower, the central bank also intimated to drop quasi maintaining exchange rate stability, so you want to buy British bike riders branded products will usher in relative prices, in particular, direct sea Amoy, you fancy little cloth, ORANGE, under BROOKS single yet?

   On the other hand, the UK online retail giant Wiggle bike can also use sterling denominated, the equivalent of playing for nearly 10%.

   Riders want to travel to the United Kingdom will be a little easier, after all, the depreciation of sterling, the various spending will decline.

   In the other hand, after the British withdraw from the EU, it will naturally withdraw from the EU's customs union, including on Chinese bicycles anti-dumping duties. If the follow-up in the UK and China's trade negotiations can be removed from the anti-dumping duties, the domestic bike manufacturer is a huge plus, because after eliminating high tariffs, the price advantage of domestic bicycle market in the UK will have a strong competitive, even as a springboard into the wider European market. In contrast, the European bicycle brand day might suffer a big impact.

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