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Bike imports up 26 percent through October

WASHINGTON, DC (BRAIN) — Suppliers imported 16.2 million bikes though October this year compared with 12.8 million bikes imported over the same period in 2011. Children’s bike categories are up 33 percent overall as retailers hope to get a bike under a lot of Christmas trees this holiday season.

While the increase in unit business drove the value of imports up by $204.8 million, the average unit value dropped in all categories except 24-inch, which saw a modest two percent increase. 

If there is more 650b bikes being imported it is anyone’s guess as to which import category they fall under. Suppliers reported that 29ers were imported as mountain bikes in the 26-inch category, or with other 700c bikes and also in the “other” category. The situation will probably be the same with 650b.

Taiwanese bike builders' business with the U.S. continues to lose ground, down seven percent, at the same time Chinese builders business jumped by 28 percent. Most of increase in Chinese imports is in kids’ categories, but Chinese builders of adult bikes also saw increases.

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