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Bicycle industry transformation and upgrading have a large space in China

Recently, Prime Minister Li Keqiang went to a well-known bicycle shop business experience during an inspection tour of Tianjin. He said China is willing to bicycle advertising, more willing to "Made in China" Smart Upgrade "Platform."

Gained popularity as the earlier industrial products, bicycles in social life has played an irreplaceable role. However, in the past for a long period of time, the bicycle industry has suffered embarrassment, brilliant home "Big Three" of one long gone, functional means of transport are gradually being replaced by electric cars and bicycles. "Hero" lose useless, if hesitant, do not take the initiative to adapt to the new environment, the need for industry, there is likely to be marked with a question mark.

But with the change in lifestyle and consumption concept, low-carbon cycling, healthy and environmentally friendly products has become the industry transformation and upgrading of the characteristics of hope. Thinking a world wide change, Chinese bicycle industry firmly grasp the construction of ecological civilization, to promote the new urbanization and promoting consumer goods upgrade opportunity to reshape its image, and potential development of the industry through advocacy Houzhi riding culture method.

Today, the imitation wave- consumption stage basically ended, personalized, diversified consumer become mainstream, to ensure product quality and safety, the importance of active requirements through innovative supply being increased significantly. Chinese population, large market, decided like bicycle industry both enormous growth pressure, but also has a broad development space.

Make more "Made in China" to a new height, embark on a new journey, you need more people for cheering, cheer stations. Of course, the most fundamental thing is to rely industry hard skills, vigorously carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsmen, continue to improve in quality and do deep meticulous in variety, the brand continues to upgrade and promote the product structure to accelerate better shape Evolution. Only in this way can only harvest a splendid tomorrow.

Especialy smart bicycle, this is new area, shenzhen omni intelligent technology is try best to develope this new area. and do many work.

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