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Bicycle industry situation is not good, how to adhere to?

According to incomplete statistics, Xicheng There are currently one hundred on large and small bike shop, products from dozens of high-end brands. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, although in recent years with the Taihu Lake International Road Cycling Race and other events held in the tin, the cycling fitness manner as more and more people, but with the entire domestic bicycle industry began last year slump, tin City bike shop have also experienced a joy to fear from the great turning point. Their living conditions of how the future?

Industry overall malaise, a case of non-closed shop

A bicycle brand Wuxi agents Ho deep feelings, the second half of last year, due to the poor operating conditions, under pressure from rents and labor costs, he turned off the series of Plum Village is located in the Yangtze River Road and two stores. "I started the bike shop in 2011, and got the agency two brands, the next few years the business is very good. So, I extend to five stores, but also developed a number of stores." Ho told reporters "but last year the situation is not good, especially New shop, even enough to pay the rent, so I had to choose off 2 shops, relieve some pressure on the operation."

It is understood that this is not a case. In addition to some old bike shop also maintains good operating conditions outside, many shops have chosen to slow down the pace of expansion, downsizing, or even closed their doors.

Store by Internet sales serious impact

Many people have this question: Wuxi cycling environment so well, riding sport is so hot, why the bike shop but encounter difficulties? In this regard, the reporter also consulted a number of people in the industry, according to them, the impact of network marketing is a big factor.

"Now get off line store by Internet sales impact is too serious." A bicycle shop business, Mr. Lee told reporters, "cottage bicycle shop on the network is very large, they have a price advantage, spend three to four hundred to buy a car, and these cars look almost the same car with the brand, so many people do not understand the market will choose to go online to buy low-cost car, which leads to a lot of potential loss of customers. "

Some of the potential loss of customers, but also makes the customer line under the facade of the store development becomes difficult. "Although the cottage car's ride quality and feel there is no way compared with the vehicle brand, but consumers rarely therefore chosen to replace their vehicles." Ho said, "slow bicycle belonging to sell goods, consumer replacement bike cycle is very long, after buying a first car, and will not soon buy a second car, slow development of new customers. "

In addition, there are the respondents mentioned the line sprawl bike shop to some extent also led to today's dilemma:. "Take the Yangtze River Road, a maximum of four or five when the car shop"

Situation is bad but some people still willing to stick

When asked about the bicycle industry will pick up in the long, many respondents said the last two years will not be very good, but even so, there are still many brands choose to stick to car shop.

By 2015, the network has many years of experience selling bicycles and accessories Laoshu in Lake Park opened a bicycle shop, sales of high-end bicycles. "Operating conditions are not particularly good, but we have the online channel, yet strong enough to support the operation of the line cosmetic shop." Lao Shu said, "We shop doing very well, so would like to try to do some offline, despite last year's recession situation, we still adhere to the store to open out. "" now the situation is not very good, but the bicycle industry has the potential. "Ho told reporters," compared with other countries, our riding sport apparently just emerging, have not formed a particularly large scale. until we have this awareness, the bike shop will definitely fire. "

Explore new profit model is the time

Bicycle industry veteran who has made the future of the bike shop sales profits will no longer be important, and value-added services will account for a large share of the profits. Reporters also learned that, Xicheng many bike shops have begun to explore new ways to better serve customers, provide value-added services. Of course, it was also suggested that if we can store all the cars together to form the development of a certain size, the bike shop will be much better. "If we can achieve so much store very good cooperation, and expand the influence of radiation of the entire community, our environment will certainly be much better." Ho said.

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